This is the real thief; 300 days of sleep per year


  • Axis hypersomnia is a rare disease that causes you to fall asleep
  • You have been sleeping for 25 days due to illness.
  • He has had the disease for about 23 years.

Jaipur: Today we talk about the life of a person similar to Kumbhakarna in the Ramayana. Purkharam, 42, from Nagore, Rajasthan, is known in real life as Kumbakarna. Sleep 300 days a year. Axis hypersomnia is a rare disease that causes you to fall asleep.

The average person sleeps six to eight hours a night. On the other hand, a single nap of up to 25 days is possible if Purkharam sleeps. He has had the disease for about 23 years. The locals call it Kumbhakarna because it sleeps like this.

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Due to his rare disease, Purkharam is only able to open small shops in the area five days a month. The media reported that it was very difficult for him to wake up when he was asleep.

As soon as the illness was confirmed, Purkharam’s relatives approached the doctors. Initially, he slept at least 15 hours a day. Gradually, the duration of sleep increased and then rose to the level of the days. Symptoms are now on the rise, and people sleep for 20 to 25 days.

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Although he sleeps, his family often bathes and feeds him. Family members say he often falls asleep at work.

Purkharam says that he is always tired from illness and treatment and does not work at all. He also says that there are other difficulties such as headache due to the disease.

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His wife Lichmi Devi and his mother Kavari Devi hope that Purkharat’s disease will disappear soon and he can return to normal life soon.

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