“This is treason, in other words”; Rahul Gandhi demands the resignation of Amit Shah

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  • Rahul Gandhi demands the resignation of Amit Shah
  • Pegasus phone robbery betrayal
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New Delhi: Congressional Leader Rahul Gandhi has demanded the resignation of Union Interior Minister Amit Shah in the Pegasus phone leak controversy. Rahul Gandhi has accused the Prime Minister and the Union Minister of the Interior of using spyware against India and its constitutional institutions.

Rahul Gandhi has accused the central government of politically using Pegasus software. “It has been used in Karnataka. It has been used to sabotage investigations. It has been used against the Supreme Court. It has also been used against the country’s constitutional institutions. The only word that suits him is treason. There is no other word.” Rahul Gandhi told the media outside Parliament.

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Rahul Gandhi has said that his phone was also leaked using Pegasus spyware. He said it was not a matter of Rahul Gandhi’s privacy, but an attack on public opinion. “I am an opposition leader. I am raising the voice of the people. This is an attack on the voice of the people.” Rahul Gandhi has demanded the resignation of the Union Minister of the Interior, Amit Shah, and a Supreme Court investigation into the prime minister.

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The phones of some 300 people, including the country’s political leaders, journalists and senior officials, are alleged to have been leaked using spyware from the Israeli company NSO. According to a report published by 17 international media outlets, the phones of Congress leader Rahul Gandhi and others have been leaked. The opposition parties have declared that they will not stand in the by-elections.

Meanwhile, the BJP came out with a reply to Rahul Gandhi. The BJP demanded that Rahul Gandhi be prepared to hand over the phone to investigating agencies if the matter is to be investigated. BJP spokesman Rajyavardhan Rathore said that nobody’s phones have been illegally leaked into the country and if so, people should be prepared to take legal action in the country.

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