Three MPs from ‘Bhojpuri Cinema’ in Parliament, will Bhojpuri still be able to be included in the 8th program?

For the last five decades, the Bhojpuri society has been demanding to list Bhojpuri in Schedule 8 of the Constitution. But to date no concrete hearing has been held on this lawsuit. Every time this claim is rejected citing the rules. Because of this, the disappointed Bhojpuri society has regained hope. The reason is that this time three of these MPs are present in Parliament, who come from the Bhojpuri film industry. Because of Bhojpuri, there is a great responsibility placed on these stars who have made a name for themselves first in cinema and now in politics. They all want the three MPs together to take the initiative to list Bhojpuri in Schedule 8 of the Constitution within Parliament.

Three Bhojpuri movie stars Manoj Tiwari, Ravi Kishan and Dinesh Lal Yadav are MPs from Nirhua.

Bhojpuri film actors and singers Manoj Tiwari and Ravi Kishan are already present in Parliament. In the recent by-elections, Dinesh Lal Yadav came to the Nirhua Parliament after being elected from Azamgarh. He was sworn in at Parliament on Monday, the first day of the monsoon session. During this the “Jai Bharat, Jai Bhojpuri” By speaking he has awakened hope in the hearts of all those people, who have long demanded official recognition of Bhojpuri as a language. Although many attempts have been made before this, but they have never been successful. First of all, in the 1960s, Vishwanath Gahmari, an MP from Ghazipur, gave his entire speech in the Bhojpuri Parliament to attract people’s attention. The foreword to his book was written by the famous poet Firaq Gorakhpur in Bhojpuri. While an MP, Yogi Adityanath also demanded in Parliament that Bhojpuri be given language status.

manoj_071922033624.jpgManoj is a well-known writer, poet, journalist and artist from passionate Bhojpuri, he has also worked in many movies.

Bhojpuri is the largest dialect in the world, however it is not included in the 8th schedule of the constitution, what is the reason for this? In response to this question from the India Today Group opinion platform Bhojpuri poet and film critic Manoj Bhavna He says, “Look, every time the people sitting in the government come up with many other languages ​​parallel to Bhojpuri to show the problem. After this, they say that if we include Bhojpuri in the eighth program of the constitution, we will be forced to also include many other languages. Otherwise you will have to face opposition. But this is wrong in my opinion. Because there is no comparison of any dialect or language with Bhojpuri. Bhojpuri is the most widely spoken language in the country after Hindi. Not so much , if any dialect is the most widely spoken outside the country, then it is Bhojpuri, spoken not in one but in many countries.

emotional bunch It further says, “Bhojpuri is spoken in Mauritius, Fiji, Guyana, Suriname, Nepal, and even Singapore, North America, and Latin America. In Mauritius, it also has official recognition. There are already more than five languages ​​out there. Bhojpuri isn’t even a language there. It is the language of the people who migrated from India. Despite this, it has been accepted as an official language. The history of Bhojpuri is over a thousand years old. It was even used for official works in the kingdom of Sher Shah Suri Despite all this, due to a lack of government and political will, it is not being included in calendar 8.

Currently, there are three MPs in the Parliament of the Bhojpuri film industry country, what can you expect from them regarding this issue? In this emotional bunch He says, “Look, I have been associated with Bhojpuri cinema for a long time. I have been watching this issue very closely. So I can say that having these people in Parliament will not make much of a difference. When Ravi Kishan became MP, he also did the first thing that demanded the inclusion of Bhojpuri in the 8th program of Parliament and also sang a song, but where is the problem today? Nobody knows. It has been our misfortune that there has been a president who speaks Bhojpuri, a prime minister, a Lok Sabha speaker and a chief minister in the country but nothing has happened to Bhojpuri At one point there have been over 40 Bhojpuri speaking MPs but there are still over three dozen MPs from Lok Sabha to Rajya Sabha, who speak Bhojpuri. But what happened? There has always been a lack of political will on this issue. Until it is included in schedule 8, nothing can be said.

chandan_071922033357.jpgChandan Tiwari is a resident of Bhojpur in Bihar, she became famous thanks to Mahua TV’s Sur Sangram.

Maithili, Santhali, Boda and Dogri were included in the constitutional amendment in the year 2003 but not Bhojpuri, what is the reason behind this? Famous in reply to this question from India Today Group opinion platform Folk singer Chandan Tiwari “There is a lack in our organized effort behind this. The indifference of their own people. I would like to add one more thing here. people engaged in other professions than politics, who basically speak bhojpuri, but they don’t connect with their language. They feel embarrassed to speak it. People from the society of any other close language like Bengali or Maithili don’t seem to be doing this. All this gives a message. The government also feels that when Bhojpuri speakers are so scattered among themselves or hesitate to connect, even if they do not give recognition here, it is not a serious matter. No one has given Bhojpuri state refuge. Without this it has spread all over the world.The illusion has been spread that there is no uniformity in Bhojpuri.

In order to gain Bhojpuri language status, Vishwanath Gahmari, who was a Parliamentarian for Ghazipur, delivered the entire speech at the Parliament in Bhojpuri. While he was a parliamentarian, Yogi Adityanath has also tried a lot, where is the fault? In this Chandan Tiwari She says, “Vishwanath Gahmari ji’s speech is considered timeless. Yogi ji has also put in a lot of effort. Raghuvansh Prasad Singh, Prabhunath Singh ji have also tried it in Parliament. There has been a strong demand for this. The first film of Bhojpuri was made with the inspiration of Dr Rajendra Prasad ji. Babu Jagjivan Ram promoted this film from Delhi to the political halls of the country with the pride of being a film made in our mother tongue. Our flaw was that we regard our language and culture as a separate act. It is not connecting with our identity and identity. Only political deficiency cannot be accepted here. When society also connects your language with your identity and gives the message that you need to respect and identify your language along with all things, then the political message will also go that people who speak bhojpuri will get all the material development with their cultural development. ence of our society is that it is not able to connect its language with its identity identity.

Let us tell you that Bhojpuri is included in those 38 languages, whose demand for inclusion in the Eighth Schedule has been continuously increasing in Parliament and other forums. Some years ago, the government had set up a high-level committee under the chairmanship of an additional secretary in the Ministry of the Interior. Senior officials from the Ministry of Home Affairs, Ministry of Culture, HRD, Ministry of Justice, Sahitya Akademi, Department of Official Languages, Central Institute of Indian Languages ​​and Registrar General of India participated in this. This committee did not meet the criteria for inclusion of Bhojpuri in the 8th Program. Not only Bhojpuri, Angika, Garhwali, Rajasthani, Gujjari, Magahi, Nagpuri, Kumauni, Bhoti, Bundelkhandi, Chhattisgarhi, Bajjika, Banjara, Himachali, Dhatki, Gondi, Ho, Kutchi, Kamtapuri, Karbi, Khasi, Kodava (from Coorg), Dialects like Kok Barak, Kudak, Kumali, Lepcha, Limbu, Mundadi, Pali, Sambalpuri, Shauraseni (Prakrit) have also lost these battles.

What are the criteria to be included in Annex 8?

1. According to the census data of three decades, it is spoken by at least five lakh people.

2. At least this language is used as a means of schooling.

3. There is proof of existence as a written language for fifty years.

4. Sahitya Akademi propagates its literature.

5. According to census data, it is being used as a second language in the surrounding areas.

6. Newly formed states have official language status (eg Konkani, Manipuri).

7. It is spoken in any state before the partition of the country and is used in some states even after the partition.

What will be the benefit of joining schedule 8?

Adding a language to Program 8 makes it a unique identity. NCERT books are available in that language. Your writers are encouraged. Jnanpith, etc. are nominated for awards. Not only this, the government also gives grants for the development of that language. Many central exams, including the Union Public Service Commission (UPSC), are conducted in that language. Currently, there are 22 constitutions in the country, including Assamese, Bengali, Bodo, Dogri, Gujarati, Hindi, Kannada, Kashmiri, Konkani, Maithili, Malayalam, Manipuri, Marathi, Nepali, Oriya, Punjabi, Sanskrit, Santali, Sindhi, Tamil, Telugu and Urdu included in Schedule 8 of

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