Tickets sold for just Rs 4,420 on the 8th day of Dhaakad! What happened to Kangana’s stardom?

Controversy The film of queen Kangana Ranaut will be in such a bad state of box office that only 20 people go to the whole country to see it, she would never have imagined it. The actress had high hopes for the movie ‘Dhaakad’, which opened in theaters on May 20. For the first time, she played an action hero role like Tiger Shroff, Hrithik Roshan and Akshay Kumar in a movie. Ride a bike like in Hollywood movies. The weapon was fired from the automatic pistol. She has also done many dangerous stunts. Despite this, people did not like the Kangana movie. The condition became such that the film, which earned 1.2 crores on its opening day, died at the box office in just eight days. The film has earned Rs 4420 on the eighth day. Only 20 tickets have been sold in the entire country. Despite the fact that the film is shown in the cinema, due to the lack of public, the functions have to be canceled in many places. One after another, the film is being removed from theaters. No one would have thought that Kangana would be insulted like this.

The more enjoyable it is to watch a movie on the big screen, the more difficult and expensive the process of making it is. A large budget should be prepared for the preparation of the story, script, shooting, directing, acting, editing, and music for the film. Once the film is made, distributors and exhibitors help in the process of bringing it to theaters. In this, the profit sharing is decided according to your hard work. After such a long process, when a movie fails at the box office, not only is the reputation of the heroine spoiled, but the producer, director, distributor and exhibitor have to suffer huge losses. Many times, the bank gets so much loan on them that some growers go bankrupt. Take the movie ‘Dhaakad’ only. Rs 80-100 million have been spent to make this film. But the film has so far only earned Rs 5 crore. In this way, ‘Dhaakad’ can be described as the most catastrophic film in the history of Indian cinema.

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Earnings from the film have been steadily declining.

The film ‘Dhaakad’ opened on 2,200 screens across the country. But now the condition is that the film is shown on only 25 screens at the moment. Seen this way, in the second week compared to the first, 98.80 percent of theaters have withdrawn the film. In terms of screen, the film is still playing in 4 theaters in Delhi. The film is not showing in even a single cinema in Mumbai. While most of the profit from any movie comes from the Mumbai circuit itself. From here he receives 40 percent of the total profits of the film. But it was only after the poor performance of the first week that the film was withdrawn from theaters in Mumbai. The film earned Rs 1.2 crore on the first day of the first week, Rs 1.05 crore on the second day, Rs 98 lakh on the third day, Rs 30 lakh on the fourth day and Rs 25 lakh on the fifth day. Seen in this light, the film’s box office has continually declined. Now the condition has become such that the film has failed to earn even Rs 5 lakhs on the eighth day of its release.

Buyers don’t get OTT

The filmmakers of the box office flop film ‘Dhaakad’ hoped that some of the cost of the film could be recouped through digital and satellite rights. But it is said that many times all roads and doors are closed at the same time. The same thing is happening with the Kangana movie. Because it turned out to be a disaster at the box office, OTT buyers and the satellite rights to the film are unavailable. Had the deal been done before the film’s release, it could easily have been sold for Rs 80-100 crore, considering the value of the Kangana brand and the theme of the film. In this way, the cost of the film would have disappeared, but the filmmakers considered that after the release of the film, these rights would be negotiated based on its success, but now the condition has become such that no one is getting buy at any price .

So did the movie fall victim to Bhool Bhulaiyaa?

The horror comedy film starring Karthik Aryan and Kiara Advani ‘Bhool Bhulaiya 2’, which was released simultaneously with the film ‘Dhaakad’, is eager to hit the Rs 100 crore club in just eight days. This movie has done business for around Rs 98 million in just 8 days. The film made a record at the box office on the day of its release. He has earned Rs 14.11 crore on the first day, Rs 18.34 crore on the second day, Rs 23.51 crore on the third day, Rs 10.75 crore on the fourth day and Rs 10 crore on the fifth day. The gross of the film on the eighth day has been 6.52 million rupees. In this way, the film has become the fourth highest grossing Hindi film this year on opening day and weekend. Previously, this record was held by Yash’s movie ‘KGF Chapter 2’, Hollywood movie ‘Doctor Strange 2’ and SS Rajamouli’s movie ‘RRR’. In such a situation, it is believed that due to the popularity of the movie ‘Bhool Bhulaiya 2’, Dhakad failed a lot. Had it not been for the Karthik Aryan movie in front of him, then maybe he would have gotten his cost back.

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