tie rakhis to trees: Bihar’s chief minister, Rakhi, ties trees; Focus on environmental protection awareness – bihar cm nitish kumar ata rakhis to the trees in patna spread awareness about environmental conservation


  • Environmental protection awareness
  • Bihar’s chief minister, Rakhi, tied to the trees
  • Tree Conservation Day

Patna: Bihar’s Chief Minister Nitish Kumar tied rakhi to trees as part of environmental awareness. The Chief Minister of Bihar organized a tree rakhi-tied event on Sunday to mark the occasion.

The government of Bihar, which is part of the NDA, has been observing Rakshabandhan Day as Tree Protection Day since 2012. The event is called ‘Vriksha Raksha Divas’. Nitish Kumar urged people to protect the environment by planting saplings.

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“We have been observing Rakshabandhan Day as Tree Protection Day since 2012. Trees should be protected just like human beings,” Bihar’s chief minister was quoted as saying by the English-language news channel NDTV. .

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“We have to plant trees and protect them to protect the environment. The state government is focusing on planting saplings through the Jal Jeevan Hariyali Mission. Future generations now have a better understanding of environmental protection,” said Nitish Kumar.

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