TN Kallakurichi Fire: Five killed in firecracker shop fire in Tamil Nadu; Ten people seriously injured: five dead and ten injured in the fire of a firecracker shop in tn s kallakurichi


  • It is suspected that the fire started in the bakery.
  • Attempts to extinguish the fire continue
  • Nearby stores were also damaged

Chennai: Five killed in a fire at a firecracker shop in Tamil Nadu. Ten people were seriously injured. The accident took place in a firecracker shop in Sankarapuram in the Kallakurichi district. Attempts to extinguish the fire continue. The fire is suspected to have spread from the nearby bakery to the firecracker shop.

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The store had a large number of firecrackers for Diwali. The fire was brought under control after hours of efforts by firefighters and police. Nearby stores were also damaged.

The images show the fireball rising into the sky after the fire. You can also hear the sound of firecrackers exploding in the distance. District collector PN Sreedhar said the fire department was continuing its efforts to put out the fire. The two-wheeler parked in front of the store was destroyed by fire.

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This is not the first time that fires and accidents have occurred in fireworks factories and outlets. One person died and seven others were injured in an accident at a firecracker factory in Thayilpatti on 10 September. Two people were killed in an accident at an illegal fireworks factory in the same area in June.

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