Tony Kakkar’s sadness for talking about extreme poverty, criticizing the song again and again

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  • Trolling Tony Kakkaro Song Lyrics
  • Tony Kakkar’s grief for being trolled again and again
  • Responding to a fan’s tweet, Tony Kakkar talks about childhood

Tony Kakkar is currently discussing his music video ‘Number Likh’, which also stars Nikki Tamboli. Tony Kakkar has sung 6-7 songs in a year and has been doing rounds on social media since its release. Young people especially like his songs. However, whenever the song is released, Tony Kakkar gets trolled for his release, although he never gives any reply.

But recently, when a user praised Tony Kakkar and said that he handles criticism in a very calm and calm manner, his grief increased even more. Talking about which Tony Kakkar recently conducted an Ask Me Anything session on Twitter, in which a fan praised and wrote, ‘All I want to say is the way you are handling criticism and trolling. And stay calm at the same time, that’s awesome. I want to hear a romantic song from you’.

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Fan’s words reminded Tony of his childhood days and the struggles of that time. He wrote in response, ‘Some people will say log… I know what my music has given me. Everything from my home, mine, my daily Starbucks. Childhood passed without toys

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Significantly, the childhood of Tony Kakkar, Neha Kakkar and Sonu Kakkar was spent in extreme poverty. The three brothers and sisters sang songs in the wake of Mata Rani and the income earned from them covered the household expenses. Neha Kakkar has also often talked about the difficulties she faced in her childhood. Her father was selling samosas, he said. They lived in a rented room in Rishikesh.

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Tony Kakkar moved to Mumbai with his family in the 90s. Where he learned to compose a song and started working as a lyricist for composer Sandeep Chowta. Tony Kakkar came to prominence when it was rumored that he had composed the song ‘Sawan Aaya Hai’ for the film ‘Creature 3D’. Tony Kakkar has also been accused of copying scenes from other songs.

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