Truly a unique fabric of ‘sutliyan’ relationships

Relationships are the cultivation of our life. As they are watered, they will produce. It is true that relationships are hit with sadness and happiness, but it is important that despite all this, it must be protected. Because relationships are like raw threads, which are strengthened over the years. For a small mistake, they break and fall apart. When relationships break, it hurts a lot. If the work is done wisely on time, then the chains of relationships can remain strong. A web series ‘Sutliyan’, which highlights the importance of relationships, has been launched on the OTT platform Zee5. This web series made under the banner of Small Town Films is directed by Shree Narayan Singh. It stars Ayesha Raza Mishra, Vivaan Shah, Shiv Pandit, Plabita Borthakur, Sunil Sinha, Niharika Lyra Dutt, Disha Arora, Vivek Mushran, Nikhil Nagpal, and Inayat Sood in major roles.

The web series ‘Sutliyan’, launched on the OTT platform Zee5, tells the real definition of relationships.

“Years of knots, tanglegi right. Just a little time and a little love, these twines will look beautiful again”… This dialogue from the web series ‘Sutliyan’ tells their story. In the current era when the distance in relationships has come. Due to education first and later work, the children have started to live away from the family. In such a situation, more efforts should be made to keep the relationship alive. Even in this web series, three brothers make a living by staying away from their family. Ramani (Plabita Borthakur) works at a bank in Bangalore, Raman (Vivaan Shah) is a social activist, and Rajan (Shiv Pandit) runs his own business. In the Corona period in which every mango-o-special was in trouble, in the same way his family has also been in trouble. The father of these children dies due to Covid, but due to the lockdown, the three of them cannot make it to their father’s funeral.

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After the lockdown is over, the trio decide to go home to Bhopal and spend time with their mother Supriya Chandel (Ayesha Raza Mishra) during the Diwali holidays. Here, her mother, Supriya, is still struggling to handle her daily responsibilities after the death of her husband. She gets help from neighbors like Kirana store owner Trilok aka Loki (Sunil Sinha) and his daughter Dipannita (Niharika Lyra Dutt). But inside she is alone and also worried about her children, since they did not attend her father’s funeral. Supriya has spent her whole life depending on her husband, but now she wants to start her own business when her husband is gone. For this, she wants to become self-sufficient by launching a handmade macrame business ‘Sutliyan’. She plans to start her business at the Diwali fair.

“We think we are planning life, it is happening as we think, but does it really happen? The correct thing is that life is planning us.” When Supriya Chandel tells this to her daughter-in-law, it really seems that we all live in so many illusions. She begins to plan a fleeting life for the next 60 years. But life goes its own way, we feel like we are handling it on our own terms. When Ramani, Raman and Rajan arrive home, they quickly realize that her mother, once completely dependent on her husband, is trying to become self-sufficient. She has the goal of her life. She doesn’t want to commit to this under any circumstances. Although the children ask the mother to live on her own terms, she does not agree. Selling the house and property, she refuses to go with them.

All the characters in the web series seem real. As the head of the family, Ayesha Raza can be called the showrunner. She has a wonderful art of explaining her mental anguish to everyone. Actor Shiv Pandit seems natural in the character of a businessman who is ready to sell his family’s land to pay off his debt. Disha Arora as his wife and Swastik Tiwari as his son Raksha make his presence felt. Plabita Borthakur is impressive as Ramani, a very calm and understanding person, who finds her mother’s behavior strange. Because her mother is trying to be normal after the death of her husband. Vivaan Shah has played the character of Raman, who lives in his own world. Sunil Sinha, Vivek Mushran, Nikhil Nagpal and Inayat Sood have done justice to their respective characters.

The story of the web series ‘Sutliyan’ is written by Sudip Nigam and Abhishek Chatterjee. The writing team has kept the script simple and straightforward, which is the USP of this eight-episode series. Episode lengths have also been kept short, at 20-30 minutes, which prevents it from becoming cumbersome. The melodious music that interposes relaxes the mind. Strictly speaking, ‘Sutliyan’ is an honest attempt to explain the importance of a family rather than a series. It says: “Family is the name of mutual help in happiness and sadness” and “Home is where the heart always resides.” Overall, ‘Sutliyan’ is a great must watch web series. Must see with the whole family.

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