Try shrugging your shoulders; Congress leader DK Sivakumar slapped an activist


  • Sivakumar demanded that the footage be deleted.
  • The incident occurred while moving with activists.
  • The incident took place on Friday in Mandya.

Bangalore: DK Sivakumar patted a Congressional activist on the arm for trying to pat him on the shoulder. The incident took place on Friday in Mandya. Sivakumar was in Mandya to visit former Minister Madegoda. His footage has gone viral on social media.

All DK Sivakumar, who was walking with the workers, was trying to grab him by the shoulder. Outraged, Sivakumar shook his hand and slapped him across the face. The incident took place in front of the media.

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When it became clear that the footage had been copied, Sivakumar requested that it be deleted. Sivakumar claims that he reacted that way due to a lack of social distance.

BJP leader CT Ravi shared images of the incident. Ravi’s criticism is that it is clear from the scenes that Sivakumar, a former disciple of Kotwal Ramachandra, a Goonda from Bengaluru, was dealing with party workers in this way. He also asked who had given Sivakumar the power to commit such atrocities. The response was through tweets.

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