TV’s Anupama was most viewed on OTT, not just any web series, reality show or movie!

The first thing that comes to mind as soon as the name OTT comes to mind is that the beauty of this platform is the content that is not available to watch in theaters or on TV. However, on some OTT platforms, film and TV content is also seen. OTT is a completely different matter from routine content and this quality has also made it very popular. Now, what if regular TV content is also seen more on the OTT platform? Behind this two things can happen. One is that the content itself is so strong that it draws an audience through the platform. And the second is that there is no original content in OTT to impress the audience.

Film Companion has submitted a weekly viewership report on the streaming platform citing Ormax Media. The weekly report based on estimates has been made from April 25 to May 1. In the OTT space, Disney Plus Hotstar’s show Anupama has risen to number one, beating everyone in terms of viewership across different platforms. Anupama has 10.5 million views. While Anupama is not the original Disney content. Rather it has been done for Star Plus. All Star Network content that appears on television is also broadcast on Disney Plus Hotstar. Some other OTT platforms like Jio and Alt Balaji, which are production houses, or their TV channels or have links with different channels, also show shows on their platforms. Like movies released in theaters, they are also broadcast on OTT under an agreement.

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The chemistry of Anupama and Anuj is being liked by the audience.

Anupama’s popularity comes as no surprise, now it’s also challenging itself in the OTT space

As Anupama’s popularity is, his views cannot be considered surprising. Yeah, it’s definitely a big deal that this time around Anupama has not only put up a strong challenge to all the original content in the OTT space, but pretty much stomped on them. The only reason for this is Anupama’s strong audience base. It is a female-centric show and is loved by women, especially housewives. Anupama’s popularity is visible in the sky for two years. In addition to being number one on TV TRP, Anupama has often been in the top 5.

Regardless, the show is going through incredible twists and turns right now. Anupama is going to marry Anuj. Anupama is also about to become a grandmother and all her family members don’t want Anupama to be a grandmother to get married. The family members feel that Anupama’s move will make fun of her in society. Needless to say, all the ups and downs in Anupama’s life have brought the show to the peak of popularity. And now the effect of her is also visible in the audience.

Guilty Minds at number two doesn’t even have half the views of Anupama.

Amazon Prime Video’s latest courtroom web show Guilty Minds is at number two in the top 5 most watched content. Guilty Minds, starring Shriya Pilgaonkar and Varun Mitra, has garnered 4.9 million views. At number three on the list is Lockup, a reality show that airs on Alt Balaji and MX Player with 3.1 million views. Bollywood actress Kangana Ranaut hosts the lockdown. Since the broadcast due to the controversies, the show has consistently held a spot in the discussions and is also getting a lot of viewers.

Zee5’s web show “Never Kiss Your Best Friend” season 2 is at number four on the list. It has 2.5 million views. Nakuul Mehta and Anya Singh’s characters and the chemistry between them are capturing the attention of the audience. The Disney Plus Hotstar movie Kaun Praveen Tambe is at number five. Who Praveen Tambe has 1.5 million views. Kaun Praveen Tambe is the story of a cricketer who got a big break at retirement age. Praveen got a place in IPL without playing any domestic cricket and surprised the world with his play. Shreyas Talpade played the role of Praveen. His work has been praised.

Well, whatever. Aside from Anupama, all the contents on the list are OTT originals only. The number of Anupama views is much higher than the rest of the content included in the list. Is Anupama going to dominate the OTT space too? If this trend continues in the coming weeks, then OTT content should be seen as a formidable challenge to the popular TV show.

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