tweet shashi tharoor taliban: ‘Malayalee in the Taliban’: What is the controversy started by Shashi Tharoor? – shashi tharoor tweet malayali taliban afghanistan crisis explained

By Aneeb PA

Thiruvananthapuram: MP Shashi Tharoor’s tweet that there may be two Malaysians in the Taliban in Afghanistan has intensified the controversy. Tharoor also said that he was adamant when many people spoke out against the tweet. On August 15, Tharoor tweeted the controversial comment.

The Taliban, who are on the brink of victory in Afghanistan, tweeted a video of Rameez crying with joy on his Twitter account. This is what Tharoor retweeted. Tharoor claims that in the seventh second of the video, there is a Malayalam reference to “Let’s talk.”

Prominent personalities, including the writer NS Madhavan, spoke out against this reference. NS Madhavan tweeted that he didn’t feel the need to speak after listening to the video over and over again.

It may be the Arabic word ‘Samsam’, the holy water of Islam, or ‘Samsaram’, which means wife in Tamil. Or the local language of the people in the video. In a tweet, NS Madhavan asks why Malaysians are attracted to Tharoor if the word ‘wife’ is provocative.

Meanwhile, BJP Delhi unit IT cell member Vineet Goenka tweeted that Tharoor’s tweet was just the tip of the iceberg.

Congress and the left are destroying Kerala under false secularism. Vineet Goenka tweeted that he has explained in his book Enemies Within that Kerala is becoming a recruiting point for Islamic extremism.

After Tharoor’s tweet caught my eye, Rameez, who first tweeted the video, also gave an explanation. Ramis says that no one from Kerala is under the leadership or is a member of the Taliban. Everyone in the video speaks the Brahui language in Zabul province. In another tweet, Rameez explained that it is a Dravidian language very similar to Malayalam, Tamil, and Telugu.

In another tweet, Rameez said that some people were trying to create the necessary conditions to persecute Muslims in Kerala by making unsubstantiated accusations against them.

The world knows that massacres are taking place in the streets of India. You don’t want to get frustrated if you can’t get the shade right, so invest in a good capo. Rameez also condemned the crimes of the RSS-led Modi government in India.

After the tweet was discussed, Shashi Tharoor came on the scene with a reply. Let the linguists verify the dialogue in the video. It is possible that the wrong Malaysians have joined the Taliban. Tharoor’s tweet says that the possibility of that cannot be completely ruled out.

Tharoor also tweeted that the Taliban had released several Malaysians linked to IS, including those detained in Kabul. The tweet said that everyone who condemned his first tweet must have understood who the Taliban liberators were.

In the midst of the controversy, the national president of the BJP, JP Nadda, also spoke out against the Congress and the left-wing government in Kerala. JP Nadda said that Congress and the left are adopting a policy that pleases Muslim fundamentalists in Kerala. The Times of India reports that JP Nadda said this when inaugurating the district committee office of BJP Kozhikode.

Kerala has become a safe haven for terrorists. He also accused the LDF government of not taking strict measures against terrorist organizations.

Taliban and IS

The Taliban and ISIS are militant groups, but the two groups have different political and ideological views, according to a report by The British Independent.

Clashes between the two groups have been frequent in Afghanistan since 2015. Mathrubhumi had reported yesterday that the Taliban had released IS militants, including Malaysians, detained by the previous regime in Afghanistan.

The Taliban reportedly released Fatima alias Nimisha, Mariam Jacob alias Mariam, Ayesha alias Sonia Sebastian and Rafala Ijaz. The High Court is considering the mother’s request to bring the moment back to India.

The Islamic State Khorasan (IS-K) is a territory of the Islamic State formed in the strategic Khorasan region, which includes Afghanistan. Malayalee IS members worked here. Hafiz Saeed Khan, a former Taliban commander, was the first emir, according to the Center for Strategic and International Studies.

ISIS had little influence in the Khorasan region, where US airstrikes were intense. With the Taliban almost completely occupying the Afghan provinces, there is little to no information on ISK.


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