Twinkle makes fun of The Kashmir Files and Manoj Kumar; Amazing family from Akshay!

The family’s praise for Akshay Kumar is minor. Akshay never hesitates to show closeness to Narendra Modi from the BJP and the Prime Minister. And his wife does not miss the opportunity to make fun of him and criticize him, quite the opposite. Such a balance may be considered rare in Indian families, which is usually seen in public in political houses. Akshay Kumar did not promote ‘The Kashmir Files’ on social media. Rather, retweeting an Anupam Kher tweet praised his work. He did not tag Vivek Agnihotri or anyone else in the tweet. When questioned about the film, he told his Kashmiri archives the reason for the failure of Bachchan Pandey’s film.

Naturally, this must have been shocking to some people affected by the image of “Bharat Kumar” Akshay. Akshay actually took the same diplomatic route for The Kashmir Files as India under the Prime Minister in the Russia-Ukraine crisis. So it shouldn’t hurt to say that Akshay neither supported nor opposed The Kashmir Files. Anyway, this is a personal matter. And when both people are part of the creative field, there is likely to be a mismatch of ideas. Akshay’s wife, Twinkle, should also have a natural right when women can choose options other than husband and family in elections.

Twinkle gave the film a good review, but what did Manoj Kumar do wrong?

The daughter of the great Rajesh Khanna represents a different India

Two things improved in Twinkle Khanna’s life after he flopped in the movies. One, he married a future superstar and the other became a writer. By the way, Twinkle’s life has always been such that people feel jealous of her. She was born to The Great Superstar Rajesh Khanna and Dimple Kapadia, who wreaked havoc with the first film. It wouldn’t have taken her long to understand what it means to be Twinkle Khanna in India. It is natural that her questions, her philosophy are different from the rest of India. She considers this also as a kind of diversity. But Madam Privilege and Free Speech doesn’t mean she should just write things off and make fun of anyone for her ‘elite approach’, just say no, I guess, we’re all nice.

Actually, the author of the lines means that Twinkle ji is also a writer. She writes and sometimes writes riot. She has written some riots under the guise of the Kashmir files, which she should deal with. And borrowing the words of our country’s up-and-coming Defense Ministers, we must strongly condemn it. In fact, in one of her articles, the daughter of superstar Rajesh Khanna and wife of superstar Akshay Kumar has found Vivek Agnihotri’s film to be a rude “community film” in terms of gestures.

They make a nail file or a glitter file but they can’t make fun of anyone for no reason.

He said how after the success of Kashmir Files, poor people were registering titles like South Bombay Files, Andheri Files and Khar-Danda Files due to city names being registered as titles. Twinkle felt that simply having a file on the movie title is the new formula for success. And with this thought, he has decided to keep the title of his movie ‘Nail file’. Still, the author is researching the film in his own way and idea. But what if you’re criticizing the research for no reason.

Maybe you are angry about the failure of Bachchan Pandey, an important film for the world, but if you want to swear, then catch Vivek and Anupam Kher and tell them four things. You have barely met or met the other people associated with the project, even if they live in your own city. Maybe you have a feeling that if you name such small people, they will become famous for free, for what they are saving, it is understandable. But what is the relation of Kashmir Files and poor old Manoj Kumar to this? You described his contribution to the cinema as “employee.” Calling him an ‘original nationalist’ is not meant to make fun of him.

If Manoj Kumar is a clerk, India needs such clerks right now.

Madam, the one you are thinking of as an employee is the great Manoj Kumar. The evaluation of his contribution is not under his control. Being the daughter of Rajesh and Dimple Khanna, you will not be able to understand what Manoj Kumar really did through cinema. His name is registered in the best thriller, period drama, romantic drama of the country. Manoj Kumar hardly has any subject in his movies that he hasn’t talked about. There are dozens of problems like hunger, poverty, illiteracy, castism, religious division, corrupt political union, agriculture, unemployment. He hardly left any copies in his time. And the moment when he was speaking his words was very important.

There was hunger, there was unemployment and there was hopelessness. she assured her. He expressed his confidence not in rebellion and destruction, but in construction and progress. If you have time, you can watch his movies one by one. And he tries to understand the same way you understood the current world under the guise of the squid game recently. I don’t know if you understand Hindi or not. I do not believe it. Look at the subtitle because you will not know anything about the India that is in his films. It’s not your fault. The wall of stardom of your parents was so strong that it was not in your power to understand that India. If you had understood and understood, perhaps your career would have been a bit long and successful as well.

Then. One of his films is Purab and Paschim. She arrived in 1970. There is a scene in this movie where she tells the heroine’s mother that now that she has finished her studies, she will return to India. And get married there. But the mother of the heroine says that this is how the marriage will be and on the condition that they do not go to India. People want to come and settle here and you want to come back. Manoj says that the people who come and settle here, why don’t they think that the first right over them belongs to the country that raised them? When a man begins to work here reading and writing, then two hands and a brain increase here. And there it decreases.

I would like to say with apology that if there is any employee making a cinema like this. So, India is in dire need of such employees at the moment. You won’t understand this. We can understand this. You’re from the ‘Don’t Look’ generation. Unfortunately, India is still 50 years behind. India’s needs and concerns are different.

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