Understand from the case of Jiya and Pratyusha, what will be the result of Tunisha’s boyfriend Sheejan Khan?

Television actress Tunisha Sharma said goodbye to this world at just 20 years old. It is said that after breaking up with her boyfriend and co-star Sheezan Mohammad Khan, she committed suicide by hanging herself in her makeup room. After Tunisha’s death, reported by her mother Vanita Sharma, Mumbai police arrested Sheejan Mohammad Khan. A case has been filed against her under section 306 (incitement to suicide) of the EPC. He is now in police custody, he is being questioned. Tunisha’s mother alleges that Sheejan has cheated on her daughter. He made a relationship with her by promising to marry her and then suddenly he left her. As she demands justice for her daughter, she wants the harshest punishment for Sheejan. But looking at the history that has existed thus far, the extent of the prolonged punishment is less visible.

What will happen next in Tunisha Sharma’s case? Will Sheejan be punished in this case? Will Tunisha be served justice? To answer these questions, one must understand the death case of two actresses, Jiah Khan and Pratyusha Banerjee, from the film industry itself. Through this, answers to these questions will also be found. By the way, let’s first say that there are many similarities in these three cases. All three actresses had crushes on their own co-stars. All three were very young, that is, between 20 and 25 years old. After all three died, their boyfriends have been charged with murder or inciting suicide. The mothers of all three have fought for justice for them. But before the outcome in the case of Tunisha, it is important to know that in the case of Jiya and Pratyusha, despite registering a case against their boyfriends, the police have not been able to punish them till date. The boyfriends of both are free today.

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Just like TV actress Tunisha Sharma, Jia Khan and Pratyusha Banerjee bid farewell to the world.

First of all, let’s talk about Jia Khan. On June 3, 2013, the body of 25-year-old Jia Khan was found hanging from the ceiling fan in his apartment. Mumbai Police ruled it a suicide. But in this case, his boyfriend Sooraj Pancholi was arrested on charges of complicity in suicide. After the investigation of Jia’s phone, many of Sooraj’s secrets also came out. It was said that even after Jiah refused, Suraj made her abort herself by giving her medicine. She was very hurt by this. Not just this, Suraj often used to fight with Jiya. Here the actress had also stopped getting a job. For these reasons, she often lived in depression. This is the reason why she embraced death after being disappointed with life. However, Jia’s mother, Rabia Khan, calls it murder. She had raised concerns about the investigation by the Mumbai Police and CBI.

Suraj Pancholi was arrested by the Mumbai Police in this case but was released on bail very soon. After the CBI investigation, this case itself was closed. Suraj continues to roam free. All cases against him have been dismissed. Similarly, famous Balika Vadhu TV actress Pratyusha Banerjee committed suicide on 1 April 2016. The body of 24-year-old Pratyusha was found hanging from the ceiling fan in her home in Kandivali. Police did not recover any suicide notes from her body. After Pratyusha’s death, there were many serious allegations against her boyfriend Rahul Raj Singh. The actress’s friend said that Rahul used to harass his girlfriend. Seeing her, he was dating another girl. She was very hurt by this. The police also registered a case against Rahul under section 306 of the IPC, but no arrest was made.

Just like Jiah Khan and Pratyusha Banerjee, Tunisha Sharma was cheated on by her boyfriend Sheezan Mohammad Khan. That’s why she was very sad. She didn’t want to break up with him. But Sheejan didn’t want to keep this relationship with him at all costs. The reason for this has yet to be revealed, but Tunisha’s mother has made sensational allegations against her. Tunisha’s mother, Vanita Sharma, has said: “Sheejan cheated on Tunisha. He builds a relationship with him. He broke the promise of marriage. He had an affair with a girl earlier. Even after this, he befriended Tunisha and gave her caught in his trap. I kept using it for three or four months.” On the other hand, Sheejan says that he was scared after the Shraddha murder case. As he is a Muslim, Tanisha was a Hindu so she did not want to get married due to the difference in religion. There was also a difference in her ages.

Well, Sheezan Khan is currently in the custody of the Mumbai Police. Article 306 of the IPC is registered against him. This section is invoked for incitement to suicide. In this, if the defendant’s guilt is proven, he can be sentenced to a maximum of 10 years in prison. In many cases a fine is also imposed. Sometimes both punishment and fine go hand in hand. The amount of the fine received in this case is delivered to the relatives of the deceased. Incitement to commit suicide is considered a heinous crime in the eyes of the law. The Supreme Court has also made strict comments on the matter. The court has said that “incitement to suicide” also falls under the category of heinous and serious crimes. It must be treated as a crime against society and not just against the individual.” In such a situation, Sheejan’s crime is serious, but what matters is whether or not the police can gather evidence against her. By the way, Sheejan’s lawyer says he’s been arrested on suspicion. If no evidence is found, Sheejan will also be acquitted just like Suraj and Rahul.

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