UPA government blamed for rising fuel prices Minister of Petroleum with indictment


  • The responsibility placed in the government of the UPA fell on the head of this government
  • Used for fiscal wellness plans
  • 80 percent is imported

New Delhi: The Oil Minister has blamed the previous UPA government for the increase in the price of fuel. Oil Minister Dharmendra Pradhan has blamed the rise in fuel prices on arrears of thousands of rupees in fuel bonds. He also said that the responsibility imposed by the UPA government lay on the head of the next government.

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Now the current government is paying the arrears and their interests. The minister said that the increase in international oil prices had also contributed to the increase in fuel prices. He added that 80 percent of domestic consumption is imported.

The fuel price tax is used for social assistance plans of the central and state governments. Dharmendra Pradhan said there was no need to hide any of this.

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In most states, gasoline prices have crossed Rs 100 per liter. The measure of Congress is to organize a nationwide protest against the rise in fuel prices.

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