Vacha Kuri Thappathu Movie Review, Cast, Other Details

Cast Members of Movie:

  • Ram Pothineni
  • Rakul Preet Singh
  • Sonal Chauhan
  • Abhimanyu Singh
  • Sampath Raj
  • Sai Kumar
  • Rao Ramesh
  • Pavitra Lokesh

Vacha Kuri Thappathu Movie Review:

Karthik Pothineni (Ram) somewhere in Portugal. He is a young entrepreneur who has developed a knack for video games, put up a big company, and made quotes. Parents (Pavithra Lokesh, Rao Ramesh), younger sister, and brother-in-law. When he wants to get married, he falls in love with another big industrialist named Anushka (Sonal Chauhan). She later found out that her father had written a will that if he did not marry someone of Indian descent at a certain age, the entire property of thousands of crores would go to someone else. With only thirty days to go, she is looking for a groom and wants to marry Karthik.

On the other hand, the heroine Divya (Rakul Preet Singh) in Bobbili. Her mother and father (‘Mirchi’ Sampath) separate. Growing up near my mother, uncle (Saikumar). If the lawn is torn, it will be torn between the father and the uncle. Comes to a different town where there is no profit. The hero sues Gary’s factory for causing pollution and brings the situation to a close. For this factory in India, the hero comes too, leaving aside the wedding work from Portugal.

When the hero is here, he tries to fall in love with the heroine. That is, the heroine says that she actually wants to get married. He gives a twist as if he had deliberately fried the case himself. Fastoff is over and we take the interval card as we get frustrated with this. And, throughout the second half … who is the hero? What is the bond between him and the heroine’s father? What is the cause of the feud between the heroine’s father and uncle? The answer to questions like. Meanwhile, the business magnet who promised to marry the hero in Portugal lands in India. The rest of the film is about what happened in the midst of this chaos and how the separated families came together.

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Ram Isari, who often seems to be following Pawan Kalyan, seemed to do the same. This time it seems that the story like ‘Attarintiki Daredi’ has followed the climax. If not, as long as he acted with good energy. The dances were done. That’s all there is to the fight. If not, no song will be remembered. Unless it’s nice to see the heroine Rakul Preetzing, there does not seem to be a specific purpose, range to that character. Sonali Chauhan is all about work … the song that looks glamorous in a bikini! Brahmanandam laughs for a while in the role of ‘Weekend Venkata Rao’ who gives free advice to everyone. But, it seems that the role was made too cheap in the second half. What would be the loss if a thinker like ‘Padmashree’ Brahmanandam does not do such roles after making a thousand films!

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Although Abhimanyu Singh is so rowdy as Rowdy Sankaranna, Jayaprakash Reddy’s dialogues and timing in the role of his uncle are somewhat hilarious. And even those characters stop halfway through. Again at the last moment the director and the writers appear on the screen when remembered. The music for the film is by Taman. However, the fact that Taman’s lyrics are just beaten and the lyrics are in a song is a testament to Taman’s honesty! Taken in India, CG mixed with Portugal backdrop. The scenes are familiar. One, two songs shot, camera work, production values ​​are good.

The screenplay credit for the film, which was written by three writers, also goes to a writer and director. After all, the story and narration are poor adaptations to scenes from the blockbuster films like ‘Dhee’, ‘Reddy’, ‘Kalisundam Ra’, ‘Vrindavan’ and ‘Attarintiki Daredi’. This latest silver screen recipe, which is a remix of many movies, only adds ambiguous words, scenes and antics. If Fastoff thinks he’s a bit bored, it’s annoying to fill the second off with porn in the name of entertainment.

The story revolves around unmarried couples, teenagers looking to cross the boundaries of love without getting married, an occasional flashback to a woman who is a mother before marriage, and a comedian wandering the rooms at night trying to knock down the boss – all just revolving around ‘sex’. The director, producers and writers do not seem to have even considered whether a family title like ‘Pandaga Chesco’ would fit the plot or the plot.

Again, the story of the film, the errors in the narrative are challenging. The heroine, who had been studying in a hostel till then, said that she had gone somewhere else. It has since been shown that it has been working for the conservation of greenery under the name ‘Green Army’ for a long time. Is she a student? Activista? Doubts like. Also why did the hero who wanted to marry his uncle’s daughter say that he was going to marry a business magnet (Sonali Chauhan) in Portugal? Feels. But, there was nothing the average viewer was able to do except to think and adjust to the conveniences that the cinematic screenplay writers took at the time.

Versace, with a few cuts, finally got the ‘U A’ certificate and this 2 hour 42 minute movie has a lot of scenes to cut. One wonders how ‘U’ got to ‘A’. Verasi … If you want to extort a lot of time and a little money, ‘Pandaga Chesco’ is the latest option for our Telugu audience.

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