Varun Gandhi: support to farmers; Varun and Menaka outside the BJP National Executive Committee – BJP takes action against Varun Gandhi after his tweets about farmers were run over


  • Varun reacted strongly to the incident.
  • He tweeted images of the vehicle crashing into farmers.
  • Report that the national leadership is unhappy

New Delhi: The BJP has expelled Varun Gandhi and Maneka Gandhi from the National Executive Committee for taking a pro-farmer stance during the Lakhimpur Kheri riots. Varun Gandhi had harshly criticized the BJP leaders in the Lakhimpur Kheri incident. The criticism was shared among the farmers as they shared the scenes of the vehicle crash.

Varun has twice tweeted images of the Lakhimpur Kheri crash. “The scenes of the incident will shock anyone. The police should see this video. The owner of this vehicle and the occupants of the vehicle should be arrested immediately.” Varun tweeted that.

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The BJP’s initial reaction was that the Lakhimpur confrontation was planned by Khalistani militants. But the BJP later declined to comment on the issue. Congress wants Minister Ajay Mishra to resign over the issue. But the BJP has asked the minister to return to office.

The BJP has said that the expulsion of Varun Gandhi and Maneka Gandhi from the National Executive Committee has nothing to do with the Lakhimpur Kheri incident. The BJP said that all of this happened naturally.

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Only Varun Gandhi has reacted harshly from the BJP on the Lakhimpur Kheri issue. The national leadership of the BJP is reported to be firmly opposed to Varun’s move.

The FIR has been registered against Ashish Mishra, son of the Union Minister of the Interior, Ajay Mishra, in connection with the murder of farmers. The farmers allege that the Ashish Mishra convoy was driven out during a farmers’ protest. Images of the incident have also been released. Three people, including the minister’s driver, were killed in the clashes.

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Aarti resigns, crowned BJP district president

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