Varun’s Bhediya failed to earn in double digits on the first day, what is the future of the film at the box office?

Earnings figures for the first day of Varun Dhawan-Kriti Sanon starring Bhediya, directed by Amar Kaushik, have been revealed. The movie’s first-day earnings may not live up to expectations, but they can’t be called bad just yet. Released on just 2,500 domestic screens, the film earned Rs 7.48 crore on the first day. Where all the business experts had predicted that the movie would be in double digits or higher in any case. Some had made estimates of earning as much as 15 crores or more. Despite this, Bhediya’s first-day pickup makes it clear that he is well behind estimates.

Now Sara Daromdar is going to live from the box office collection of the second and third day. By the way, she is expected to increase the collection of the second and third day. Actually, Bhediya has been done on a balanced budget of Rs 40-60 crore. This is the strongest side of the wolf. Compared to the budget and screen occupancy, the profit of Rs 7.48 crore cannot be considered minor from a business point of view. OK according to the scale. Another good thing about the movie is that it has positive word of mouth due to which the grip of the movie will remain strong for days to come. And the movie could very easily achieve its safe commercial goal in theaters. Even if there is disappointment in theaters, the creators appear to be making huge profits from digital and satellite rights. The profit of the creators of Bhediya is fixed.

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Drishyam 2 turned out to be a wall for the wolf at the box office

If you look at the box office on Friday, the eighth day of Drishyam 2 looks heavy on the first day of Bhediya. It was already known. Ichok also said that Bhediya’s real challenge is Drishyam 2 and the gains will be less. The occupation of Drishyam 2 on the morning of the eighth day was better than Varun’s film. Even with pre-booking, the Ajay Devgan-Akshay Khanna film was seen well in advance. The Drishyam 2 collection on the second Friday has confirmed this fact. In fact, on the eighth day, Drishyam 2 earned Rs 7.87 crore more than Bhediya. The film’s total earnings in the domestic market reached ₹112.53 crore. And in the second weekend as well, this movie is moving towards a tremendous collection. It is also apparent that Drishyam 2 has proven to be a speed brake for Bhediya at the box office and may be difficult for Amar Kaushik’s film to cross.

Despite this, another good thing for Bhediya is that on the first day, the occupancy in the afternoon and evening was much better than in the morning. There are also reports of better occupancy of theaters on Saturday. That is, there is still hope for the Varun-Kriti film on Saturday and Sunday. If Bhediya somehow managed to earn Rs 30 crores or more in the first weekend, then it can be considered a commercial success. Earning Rs 30 crore means that the film will recoup a significant part of its cost from theaters in the first week.

What is the story of the wolf?

The story of the film is about a young man (Varun Dhawan) who has gone to Arunachal Pradesh in connection with the construction of a road project. For more profit, he plans to find a way through the forest. Some people do not want the road project to damage the forest and suffer the consequences. Varun Dhawan is also alerted. Varun disagrees. There is a rumor about a mysterious insect in the forest. In an accident in the forest, Varun is bitten by a wolf and turns into a eager wolf. After this, Varun’s life changes. What kind of problems they have to face, whether they can get out of the jam or not – this is shown in the story of the film. In Bhediya, Deepak Dobriyal, Abhishek Banerjee, Saurabh Shukla, Dosham Beyong and Madang Pai have played tremendous roles along with Varun Dhawan-Kriti Sanon.

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