‘Victim Card’ becomes the most powerful defense of Shah Rukh Khan’s son, Aryan

The arrest of Shahrukh Khan’s son in the Mumbai cruise ship drug case is an incident that raises many questions. NCB has been taking action against drug trafficking for the past year and a half. Many rowers have been caught. All the greats were questioned. Some even had to go to jail. But is there any fear of NCB actions on the ground? Maybe not. For some people, the absence of the law doesn’t matter. The case of drugs on the Bombay cruise ships is a vivid example of this, which should have been talked about with increasing concern. The money people have invented a new model of drug party by showing their eyes to the law. If there is money, then there are few places to indulge in debauchery. Who would come to disturb the ship under the sea? Unfortunately, the opposite happened, which probably doesn’t need to be recounted now. Aryan Khan is in custody along with other defendants.

The banned drug rampage continues unabated despite NCB’s humility. And it’s not interesting because most white-collar people seem to be into it. So far only high-profile names have come up. Anyway, drug use for ordinary people is not an easy thing. People who are concerned about the price of the vegetable oil-ration have no status. Those who have the status are doing it. But what is surprising is not this, but what is disturbing is that people’s mental bankruptcy looms on a serious issue. The arrest of Aryan is defended with absurd arguments. How easy it has become to argue in favor of saving the defendant by calling a government pony agency. A trend is running for Shahrukh Khan in support of Aryan on social media. Yes, it is true that the accusations against Aryan have not yet been proven. It is not fair to call him a criminal before he is convicted. And there is no denying that because of Aryan, Shahrukh and his family are being attacked for no reason.

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Aryans can also be innocent. But, for now, the circumstances in which he has been caught work against him. It is regrettable that efforts are being made to give the appearance of discriminatory action against Aryan in the case of drugs. The Hindu-Muslim angle is also extracted. Also that malicious action was taken against Shahrukh’s son at the behest of the government. There is also no shortage of people accusing Mamta Banerjee’s victory in the Bhawanipur by-elections, an Aryan case to suppress the deaths of farmers in Lakhimpur Kheri. It’s understandable when trolls make accusations. But what these responsible people also see naked in the hammam.

In the eyes of senior writer journalist Mrinal Pandey, the Aryan episode is a tool to suppress Mamata’s victory in the media. He tweeted: “Saints, watch tonight on the small screen Nautanki, #AryanKhan aka Aapda aka Aapkaar aka Mil Jana Didi’s victory over Godi’s media night panels victory, ek ot ka ke liye dainik bamchakh “Journalist Shohit Mishra considered the Aryan case to be a suppressor of the Lakhimpur Kheri case. Shohit wrote: “The farmers have died, the vehicles have run over them, but once again Mumbai is in the headlines. The last time the workers were on the streets, there was still talk of the Mumbai drug cartel, the same thing is being done over and over again. Surely what happened in Mumbai is serious, but farmers are dying … Think !! “

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There is only one trend on Twitter: #WeStandWithSRK. Thousands of tweets follow the trend. The bottom line of the trend is that Aryan Khan is completely innocent and has been deliberately implicated. The trend is clearly a public relations practice. Several tweets contain claims of innocence. One of the tweets read: “No drugs were recovered, no drugs were consumed, no lead was found in the cell phone. It proves Aryan Khan is innocent.” Arguments are being made in defense of Aryan from many Shahrukh fan pages. As for the accusations of suppressing other important things from the media under the pretext of a drug case, it is completely unfounded. Yes, some things can be more or less. This is a different problem. In regards to the Lakhimpur Kheri incident, it is seen continuously on the main channels. There is also follow-up. Roundtables have also been held in many places. Mamta Banerjee’s by-election also garnered prominent live coverage. Aryan’s arrest in the drug case is not a minor thing either. This is the biggest name that has come up on the case so far. It is natural that it is due to Shahrukh.

When looking at social media trends in the Aryan case, two things are clear. First, because Aryan’s name appeared in the Mumbai cruise ship drug case, Shahrukh’s brand equity has been directly affected. There are also hateful tweets against him. The possibility of its impact on Shahrukh Khan’s upcoming projects cannot be ruled out either. Shahrukh is called a failed father on the pretext of Aryan. Shahrukh, who once claimed to buy the media and keep the journalist as a servant, has been targeted by a section of social media for his alleged “perverted image.” Second, efforts are being made to handle the matter on social media through the trends observed in support of Shahrukh and Aryan. So that all this matter does not affect the next projects of Shahrukh. A better image of Aryan Khan can be created for the future.

Aryan will also be released in Bollywood and Shahrukh doesn’t want to leave any living ghosts behind him.

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