Vijay’s ‘Pyaar’ with Samantha at the Yashoda trailer launch is part of the marketing strategy!

Vijay Deverakonda, who has faced criticism from critics, including audiences, after the box office thrashing of the recently released film Liger, may be a dead ball in terms of acting, but he has an understanding of the market, he’s at both of the marketing strategy. . Vijay knows that it’s too late to add a touch of controversy to an average movie, the way the audience takes it, the movie is sure to be a hit. The producers know this power of Vijay, so he has been tasked with making actress Samantha’s upcoming pan-Indian film Yashoda a hit. Since Vijay and Samantha share a special bond, whether on or off screen, when Vijay recently released the trailer for Samantha’s upcoming movie, he too wrote a note. In the caption that Vijay has written, he has revealed that when he saw Samantha on the big screen for the first time, he fell in love with her.

Everything Vijay says for Samantha is part of the marketing strategy

It may be that his fans and Samantha’s fans will get a little emotional and call it a nice gesture, then it is also very important to say that we will soon see Vijay and Samantha together in the next Khushi movie.

All kinds of arguments can be made about Vijay, who expressed his love for Samantha by sharing the Yashoda trailer. But it’s not wrong to say that by making a controversial statement, he has hit two targets with one arrow. That is to say, while this expression of love will be beneficial to Yashoda, on the other hand, we will see the direct effect of this declaration after the release of Khushi.

If Samantha’s Yashoda movie has been mentioned, then let’s say that Yashoda is a pan-Indian movie that will be released in Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam and Kannada in addition to Hindi. The film is directed by Hari and Harish. If you watch the movie trailer, either Samantha’s performance or the movie scenes, both are going to be mesmerizing. If we talk about Samantha’s performance in this movie, then in her upcoming movie Yashoda, Samantha will play the role of a pregnant nurse and because the movie is a thriller, there are many opportunities in the movie that won’t let your eyes they leave. from the screen

However, the talk is about Vijay, who expressed his love for Samantha while releasing the trailer. There have been controversies and marketing strategies in the world of cinema, so the way the audience’s taste for watching the movie has changed recently, is the compulsion of the actors to indulge in any kind of controversy during the promotion of the movie. Keep in mind that the kind of trend that has started today, movies run on the screen only with which there is some kind of controversy related to this, now if it is good or bad.

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