Vikram Rathour: Be careful playing that shot; The hitting coach warns Rohit! – rohit sharma should be more selective with his shots, says hitting coach vikram rathour

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Since making her Test debut, Rohit Sharma has been playing at home and abroad. The crisis that India had been facing for a long time at the opening ended with the arrival of Rohit. Rohit has given India a good start in both tests in England. Rohit lost the century it deserved in the second test.

Despite getting off to a good start, Rohit was sacked 21 of 36 balls in the second inning. This outing was an unnecessary shot attempt. Criticism grows that Rohit does not know how to play goalkeeper. Many point out that opposing bowlers are falling into the trap of realizing Rohit’s weakness.

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Indian hitting coach Vikram Rathore is also not happy with Rohit’s shot selection. Rathore’s advice is that Rohit should be very careful in this regard. Rohit had said that he scores runs through those shots and therefore those shots will continue. But Rathore added that Rohit should think about when to make that shot.

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