Vikrant Rona: Why is Salman’s ‘anti-Hindi’ friend Kichha Sudeep not talked about in the film?

Kannada superstar Kiccha Sudeep’s pan-Indian film ‘Vikrant Rona’ has been released in theaters. The suspense thriller Vikrant Rona is originally a Kannada film which has been dubbed into many other Indian languages ​​including Hindi. Salman Khan himself presents Kicha Sudeep’s film in Hindi. Salman Khan’s link to South Star is well known. Kicha has played a major role in Salman’s Dabang 3. Aside from Kicha in Vikrant Rona, there is also Jacqueline Fernandez along with Nirup Bhandari, Neeta Ashok.

Salman is considered to be Jacqueline’s mentor. The actress had been in the spotlight of late due to her personal relationship with thug Sukesh Chandrashekhar. Jacqueline may not be successful, but she is a familiar face in the Hindi audience. In Vikrant Rona’s trailer (Hindi), her name is mentioned with Sudeep, showing that the creators are hoping for an even better deal than Jacqueline’s stardom in the Hindi belt. Taking inspiration from all the films of the South, Sudeep had planned to release Vikrant Rona in Hindi in the hope of achieving tremendous success.

Sudeep is not a familiar face to the Hindi audience. Despite this, there are no rumors among ordinary people about the Kannada star’s pan-Indian drama. Sudeep was last discussed on the Hindi belt when he got into a dispute with Ajay Devgan on social media over Hindi and South Indian languages. He had made a statement about Hindi, which people found objectionable. Was it the reason for not discussing Vikrant Rona’s opposition to Hindi on behalf of South Star? Why is the movie not discussed in the Hindi belt? Nothing correct can be said about it at this time. Perhaps there are other reasons for the silence about Vikrant’s crying.

Kicha Sudeep and Jacqueline are two of Salman’s favorite stars in Vikrant Rona.

People will not forget Sudeep’s comment about Hindi as a language.

But somewhere opposing Hindi will still be a reason against Sudeep’s film. The way he criticized Hindi made everyone uncomfortable. People have hardly forgotten his comments. If he saw it, he had pointed to Hindi with no meaning. Sudeep had said in a tweet: “Hindi is no longer the national language.” He did this in view of the success in the southern Hindi film belt and the continued failure of Bollywood films. Although technically Sudip was right that Hindi is not the national language, but practically it is a contact language of the country and the dialect of a very large population. The actor’s approach to this was kind of ridiculous. Another thing is that after the controversy escalated, he tried to solve the case on his behalf.

Sudeep had faith in Salman, it looks like he’s breaking in theaters

After the release, Vikrant Rona has a huge buzz in the Kannada regions. But comparatively, the atmosphere about the film in other southern languages ​​and Hindi seems to be cold. The noise related to Vikrant Rona on social media is actually Kannada-centric. Where Sudeep must have been sure that because of Salman, Vikrant Rona will be picked up in the Hindi belt, but it is South Star’s misfortune that the name ‘Bajrangi Bhaijaan’ doesn’t seem to be of any use. Salman is known to help out his peers in the film industry and “star children”. Every time he tried to sell movies like Loveyatri, Notebook and Kaagaz by giving his power level, he failed miserably.

Vikrant Rona is shown in Hindi metro multiplexes. But early booking was very normal. The theaters are almost empty after the premiere. According to the report by ‘Bollywood Crazy’, the Hindi version of Vikrant Rona can earn Rs 2-4 crore on the first day. By the way, business pundits have expressed hope for Sudeep’s movie to do well at the Kannada box office. Experts estimate that the film can do business from 15 to 18 million rupees on the first day in all languages.

Be that as it may, with Salman’s name associated with it and Vikrant Rona’s estimated commercial Hindi box office compared to other Southern films, it seems to indicate its devastation. Anoop Bhandari has written the story of Vikrant Rona, done in 2D and 3D. The address is also from Anoop.

You can watch the trailer for Vikrant Rona below:

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