virat kohli: Is there a problem between Rohit and Koli? Ravi Shastri responds for the first time !! – Indian coach ravi shastri opens up about alleged rift between virat kohli and rohit sharma

Virat Kohli and Rohit Sharma are two of the leading names in Indian cricket today. With the end of MS Dhoni’s tenure, both have fully taken over the reins of the team. As Kohli leads the team, Rohit provides full support as vice-captain and key hitter on the team. There was also some controversy surrounding the team going from one achievement to another in unison.

The news was that Virat Kohli and Rohit Sharma were not advancing in unison. It was mostly in the news after the 2019 World Cup. Rohit was the World Cup’s top scorer with five centuries. Kohli did not have a great World Cup. Kohli’s failure to win the ICC title was a huge disappointment.

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When the Mumbai Indians won the IPL title, there was a demand from many quarters for Rohit to replace Kohli as the limited overs captain. The team management has repeatedly stated that there are no problems between the two. Now, the Indian coach Ravi Shastri has also spoken openly about it. Shastri made the reveal in an interview with Tais Now.

Shastri said that he had never seen any problems between the two. Ravi Shastri has been the coach of the Indian team since 2017. Anil Kumble took over as coach when he resigned. He will retire with the next T20 World Cup.

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“I haven’t seen any problems between them so far. When I see what people are saying, I think they are saying something that I don’t know. I don’t feel like any of their problems are affecting the team.”

He is the one who demands exactly what the team wants. If you want to change things, feel free to tell Virat and Rohit. Shastri added that there was unnecessary discussion about it.

Virat Kohli has also made it clear in the past that they have no issues with each other. Rohit Sharma has also denied the allegations. “Team success requires a good locker room atmosphere. Have you ever seen a team perform poorly? If not, those accusations are relevant,” Virat Kohli said in the past. In addition to limited overs cricket, Rohit Sharma is also a key player in today’s Trials. He has surpassed Rohit Kohli in the latest ICC Test rankings.

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