Virat Kohli: Kohli Beats Sachin and Dhoni’s Record; Criticism of the expulsion of Ashwin! – india vs england: virat kohli reaches 23,000 runs in international cricket

London – Captain Virat Kohli has set a new record in Test 4 against England. Kohli became the first Indian captain to lead the country in ten or more Overseas Trials against any country. Kohli will be England’s captain for the tenth time in the fourth round. Kohli breaks MS Dhoni’s record of 9 against England

Virat Kohli surpasses Dhoni

Two of the top four places to captain against an overseas team are named after Kohli. Sunil Gavaskar is third with 8 tests. Gavaskar has captained Pakistan eight times against Pakistan. Virat Kohli, a seven-time captain against Australia, is fourth on the list.

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Two changes to both teams

The fourth test is crucial for both teams. England captain Joe Root won the toss and was chosen to line up Root hopes to take India out early on a green field. Both changes are in the England lineup. Chris Vokes and Oli Pope joined the team when Sam Karan and Jose Butler were eliminated. India also made two team changes. Mohammad Shami and Ishant Sharma will be replaced by Umesh Yadav and Shardul Thakur.

R Ashwin has no place in the fourth round

Spinner Ravichandran Ashwin was left out of the fourth test. Jadeja’s excellence in hitting has helped him. Meanwhile, Kohli said India included Jadeja as England have four left-handed hitters. Jadeja is the only left-handed hitter on the Indian team. When Ishant Sharma was ruled out for lack of form, Mohammad Shamim rested.

Former players against the Indian national team

Former England captain Michael Vaughan has come under fire for not playing Ashwin. This is the worst team selection. He recalled that Ashwin is a player who has taken 413 proving grounds and 5 testing centuries. Former Australia captain Tom Moody also criticized the Indian team. He says that three pacemakers and two pacemakers were the best picks.

Kohli completed 23,000 races

In international cricket, Virat Kohli completed 23,000 runs. This rarity was achieved in the Oval Test. Kohli is the fastest batsman in the cricket world to score 23,000 runs. Kohli has accomplished this feat in 490 matches. Kohli edged out Tendulkar and Ricky Ponting.

‘Bhutanese Ronaldo’ with Blasters

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