Visit of Amit Shah Jammu: Amit Shah will restore the state of the state in Jammu and Kashmir – the state of Jammu Kashmir will be restored amit shah in srinagar


  • Limits will be determined
  • After the election
  • The state of the state will be restored later

New Delhi: Interior Minister Amit Shah has said that Jammu and Kashmir’s statehood will be restored. He said in Jammu and Kashmir that statehood would be restored after demarcation and assembly elections. He was in Jammu and Kashmir for a three-day visit.

“Demarcation will take place first and then elections. Then state status will be restored. I want to befriend the youth of Kashmir.” Amit Shah said this at a Jammu and Kashmir Youth Club function in Srinagar. Amit Shah said that the repeal of Article 370 had caused democracy to reach the grassroots and that previously it had only reached a few families.

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“People are questioning the imposition of a curfew. I cannot imagine how many lives would have been lost if the curfew had not been imposed. Young people in Kashmir have survived the internet shutdown for three years.” Amit Shah asked.

Energetic measures will be taken against those who try to disturb the peace of the valley. Amit Shah added that no one can stop the development of the Union Territory.

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This is Amit Shah’s first visit to Jammu and Kashmir after being stripped of his special status. Security was tight in the state as part of Amit Shah’s visit. The decision to tighten security comes in the wake of the recent clashes in Kashmir.

NDTV reports that he has been asked to tighten security within a 20-kilometer radius of the Raj Bhavan on Gupkar Road, where he will remain for three days. Checkpoints have been established in some cities and the Internet has been disconnected.

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