Waah Zindagi Hindi Movie Review: ‘Wah Zindagi’ Teaches You How To Make Dreams Come True

‘Na Jit is not necessary, nor is it necessary to lose, life is a game, only playing is necessary’ … This dialogue from the last film of the year 2021 ‘Wah Zindagi’ is being broadcast on the OTT Zee5 platform, it gives us the true meaning of life. Enough to explain. Attempts have been made to attack our society and its thinking through the film. Not only this, the film has also exposed the tricks of our neighboring country China in making trade a medium. Issues like child marriage, water shortages in rural Rajasthan, only medical engineering speaks of students as a major career choice, and China’s strategy to dominate the construction industry globally. In the true sense, the ‘Make in India’ movement of the Indian government has been shown very well in the film.

The movie ‘Wah Zindagi’ is said to be inspired by the true story of the lives of Rajasthan residents Reena and Ashok.

Waah Zindagi Movie Story

In the movie ‘Wah Zindagi’, actors like Naveen Kasturia, Sanjay Mishra, Vijay Raj, Plabita Borthakur, Manoj Joshi and Lalit Sharma are seen in important roles. The film is directed by Dinesh S Yadav and produced by Shivaj Films and Entertainment. The opening credits of the film state that it is inspired by the lives of Reena and Ashok Choudhary. The story of the film also revolves around two characters named Ashok (Naveen Kasturia) and Reena (Plabita Borthakur). Ashok comes from a town in Rajasthan, where there is a year-round drought. Leave there the talk of water for irrigation, there is not even drinking water in the town. Ashok’s grandfather Ramkaran (Sanjay Mishra), who lives in the village, dreams that he can dig wells there so that people do not face water shortages.

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Ashok’s family wants him to fulfill his dream by engineering at IIT, but even after long preparation, he can’t. Here he also wants to get his wife Reena, whom he married as a child, which is not possible without getting a good job and earning money. This is the reason why Ashok desperately tries to commit suicide, but at the same time a group of wise men and saints save his life. After this, Ashok thinks of living the life of an ascetic by staying with them, but after being explained by a monk, he begins his life anew. Ashok starts his own business. For this, China asks for some goods, but due to the poor quality of Chinese products, its business begins to suffer.

By complaining about this, he turns the cruel businessman Jagat Shah (Manoj Joshi) into his arch enemy. A local thug also falls on the wrong side of Banna (Vijay Raj). But Ashok doesn’t give up. You decide to make your own products. In this way he presents himself to the people as a true representative of ‘Make in India’. Now the question arises whether Ashok is capable of fulfilling his grandfather’s dream or not. You have to see the movie to know this.

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Waah Zindagi Movie Review

Producer-director Dinesh S Yadav of the movie ‘Wah Zindagi’ has tried to delve into an interesting subject with a satirical touch of dark comedy. But due to the weakness of the writing and the script, they have not been successful. However, many serious problems such as child marriage, water scarcity, career choice problems faced by students, and China’s industrial strategy are very simply understood by incorporating them into its history. The film makes a serious comment on the Indian mindset. It is up to people to take a stand and make the changes they want to see around them. Be it a career option or the purchase of a foreign product. Since most of the characters in this movie are Rajasthani, Suryapal Singh, Ruhin, and Kamal Malviya’s dialogue looks better.

When it comes to the acting of the cast, actor Naveen Kasturia seems to be able to carry the entire film on his shoulders. Naveen’s character, Ashoka, very simply conveys the message of motivating people to promote and produce local products rather than foreign products. Not only this, he has strong support from veteran actors like Vijay Raj, Sanjay Mishra, and Manoj Joshi. However, its screen space is very less, if it were more, the film would have benefited a lot. Plabita Borthakur has given a solid performance as Reena, Ashok’s wife and girlfriend. Lalit Sharma seems to be successful in making people laugh with her comedy. Sanjay Mishra provides an excellent performance in the character of Ashok’s grandfather, Ramkaran. Keep inspiring her with your stories.

Speaking of the technical side of the movie, the movie could have been improved by improving the cinematography and editing. Parag Chhabra’s music blends well with the story and the script. Some soundtracks like ‘Bhari Bhaari’, ‘Zindadi’ and ‘Nano’ are melodious. Overall ‘Wah Zindagi’ is an interesting movie with a great soundtrack. Even though the script seems to address several issues, in the end it all ends up on a single track. This movie can be seen once.

iChowk.in Rating: 3 out of 5 stars

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