Was he mocked or praised? What did the Sri Lankan coach say about the Indian team !!

New Delhi – The Indian cricket team is preparing for the series against Sri Lanka. Another team arrived in Sri Lanka while the older team was touring England. Three ODIs and one T20I will be played here. However, it is alleged that India’s arrival in Sri Lanka was unsurpassed. Meanwhile, the Sri Lankan coach has come out with a reference to the Indian team. Arthur thinks the current team in India is excellent. They have a lot of good players. An All-Star IPL XI has arrived in Sri Lanka. They are excellent players. They and the youngsters play against them. The Sri Lankan team is in generation. That is why we try to form the best team. He said the only goal was victory against India. He had recently toured England. However, no significant gains were made. Sri Lanka have not won a single match in T20 and ODI. He said it was the hardest tour he had ever faced in his twelve years of training. His goal is the 2023 World Cup giving young players a chance. But at the same time, the team should have experienced people. He also admitted that he did not shine as expected in England.

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India was scheduled to start the Sri Lanka series from July 13. However, after Kovid 19, the series will only start on July 18. It will not be easy for the young Sri Lanka to beat India. Although there are no high-level players, including Virat Kohli and Rohit Sharma, a handful of Shikhar Dhawan’s best players will play against Sri Lanka. Rahul Dravid is the Indian coach.

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