Was Kangana Ranaut’s New Show Concept Really Stolen?

Controversy Queen Kangana Ranaut’s work can be done without controversy, it can’t happen. Kangana’s new reality show ‘Lockup’, which is in controversy due to her statements on social media, seems to be banned even before its release. In a copyright infringement case, the Hyderabad City Civil Court issued a suspension order on this reality show and ordered the broadcast to be banned with immediate effect. Now it will be interesting to see if the creators of the show will postpone the broadcast following this court order or if it will be released on time. By the way, all your preparations have been completed. Now, the banning order coming just a day before release is shocking to everyone associated with the show.

Controversy queen Kangana Ranaut’s reality show ‘Lockup’ has been accused of copyright infringement.

In fact, in the Civil Court of the city of Hyderabad, a person named Sanobar Baig had requested that the copyright of the program created by Ekta Kapoor called ‘Lock Up’ belong to his company Pride Media. During its hearing, the court recorded and examined all video clips, trailers and teasers from Ekta Kapoor’s reality show. Following this, the court, finding the petitioner’s allegations to be largely true, ordered an immediate ban on the broadcast of the program. Sanobar Baig says that on March 7, 2018, ‘Lock Up’ was registered under the Copyright Law. But when he saw the promo for this Ekta show, he was shocked. The show is similar to the concept of it. It is a complete copy.

It is said that Sanobar Baig also informed the show’s creators about this and requested to stop it. But when he disagreed, he was forced to go to court. By the way, Ekta Kapoor had said during the announcement of this show that it will be based on controversies. Not only this, people kept comparing this show to Salman Khan’s ‘Bigg Boss’ show. Its format was said to have been copied from Bigg Boss. Because this year Bigg Boss has also launched the OTT version of his program. Broadcast as Bigg Boss OTT, the format of this show was the same as the TV version, only the host had changed. He was introduced by Karan Johar instead of Salman Khan. However, Ekta had denied the accusation.

Ekta Kapoor said that her show is not a copy of anyone else but completely made in India. He said, “Captive reality shows around the world are compared with each other. This is also a captive reality show. It will be like someone asking me if you are afraid to compare your show with other shows. There are dozens of shows, we often watch stories similar in them. But they are all different in one way or another. There will always be a difference between the captive reality and the original captive reality. Our show is different.” By the way, no matter how many claims Ekta might make, but after watching the trailer for this show, it became clear that the concept of him is very similar to Bigg Boss. Now the issue of copyright has also passed.

We report that 16 contestants with controversial backgrounds are being included in the reality show ‘Lock Up’. All of them will be locked up in a jail for 72 days. Here food and drink arrangements will be made for all of them as in any prison. All this hard work will be done. If there is a ruckus or fight between the contestants living in a barracks, they will also be punished. Apart from this, the most interesting thing will be that the viewers will be able to watch the actions of all these contestants online 24/7 continuously. The creators of the program will not do any editing. Whatever it is, it will be displayed that way. Not only this, the contestants will be excluded based on the vote of the audience.

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