Watch out, I’m going to die! Akhtar on the most annoying hitter


  • The batter who upset Akhtar is a Sri Lankan wallet
  • Akhtar was the diamond weapon in Pakistani bowling
  • Akhtar bowls Sachin Tendulkar clean

Rawalpindi Express’ Shuhaib Akhtar hits the ball to the batters while jumping. Akhtar has announced that he will play clean bowler Sachin Tendulkar. Fast-paced yorkers would have snapped the stump in two. For all these reasons, those who approached the fold to confront Akhtar were very scared.

But Akhtar has revealed that he is always worried about only one hitter. It is not Sachin, Sevago, Ponting. Muttiah Muraleedharan is the tail of Sri Lanka. Spin legend Muthiah will only be able to play the last overs. When the Sri Lanka-Pakistan game rolls around, Muraleedharan will do a little preparation before facing Shuhaib Akhtar. Akhtar, I am a Melian. If your gorilla hits your body, I will die. “If the ball bounces off the wicket, I can give the wicket,” Akhtar said.

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Then Akhtar will do what Muthiah said. But Muthiah doesn’t keep his word. He hits the ball and crosses the boundary and approaches Akhtar and says: A little mistake! When asked who he would like to take on active cricket, Akhtar said there were three names: Virat Kohli, Babur Assam and Benz Stokes. Akhtar has the answer to the question of whether IP is everything or PSL is better. PSL as a patriot, IPL for money.

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