Watching a horror movie is a mental disorder, how is it fun?

I remember a story from my friend. A few days after watching a horror movie, he went on vacation to the mountains. The complex where he was staying was built on a quiet mountain. People go to the mountains to spend these moments of peace and relaxation, but my friend was so affected by that movie that she could not be comfortable during the five days of her stay. The strong wind and any kind of sound made him feel like there was ‘someone’. The high mountains and the pine trees towering over them seemed ghostly to him. However, now she has completely stopped watching horror movies, but some people can watch those movies with passion even after these problems.

A large part of those who watch horror movies do not understand why they watch those movies. Such movies, after watching them, the mind becomes restless. Fear of the dark and loneliness. What effect would those movies have on our minds? We have often seen that a large part of horror viewers are teenage children. Those children who want to learn the positivity of the world are lost in the magic of fear. These movies, by turning the beauty of dense forests into ugliness, indirectly affect the thinking of human beings. After all, what pleasure does it give to watch a mutilated corpse move? Who takes delight in the way characters dress to create fear in the name of horror?

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There are many viewers who watch horror movies in the name of adventure.

These children are forced to spend their entire lives in fear. Even the smallest bad incident in childhood affects our whole life, so how can a scared child become a fearless person in the future? There are many people around us whose childhood fear still dominates them. If these cases are closely examined, more than half of the cases start only after watching a horror movie.

While you are watching a horror movie, your heart rate will keep fluctuating. Even after watching it, that story continues to play out in your mind. You feel the kind of processes in the deserted places that you saw in the film. Living with a fear affects you a lot mentally. Some people have so much courage that the scenes they see on the screen don’t affect them, but some people can’t be comfortable even while watching them.

I can’t sleep alone after watching a movie. Rather, they close their eyes even when they see so much fear. Watching horror movies of such people is nothing but a perversion. Do not do anything that disturbs you physically and mentally. The fear that some people call joy actually produces nothing more than panic.

There is no shortage of people calling mental illness ghosts and genies in the world and these movies further promote that superstition. Seeing the kind of violence that is served in these movies in the name of showing something new, an ordinary person can become negative and even mentally ill. Therefore, enjoy this form of entertainment very carefully, lest it overwhelm your health.

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