We were thinking of Lalit Modi as a fugitive, it turned out to be Sushmita Sen’s ‘deewane’!

Recently, when former IPL president and businessman Lalit Modi lifted the curtain on his personal relationship with Bollywood actress Sushmita Sen, everyone was shocked by the revelations. Lalit Modi, 58, had revealed that he has a beautiful relationship with Sushmita and that he has been dating her for some time. The businessman also shared some of the images of him with the actress. Well, after this, everyone was seen giving their opinion in favor of the relationship between the two. For some people, Lalit also became ‘Buddha Tharki’. However, with the activism of both celebrities, it seems that people’s opinion doesn’t matter to them. Rather, they are both seen enjoying their relationship in their own way. An example of this is shown again.

In fact, Sushmita shared a retrospective video of her vacation in the Mediterranean Sea. She also wrote beautiful lines with him. The massive reactions of the people have come to light in the publication. But the most interesting thing was seen in Lalit’s reaction. The businessman wrote: “You look hot in Sardina”. Although there is no lack of trolls who enjoy this reaction for Sushmita, but this reaction is enough to express the businessman’s feelings towards the actress. Lalit Modi is engaged to Sushmita on social media. She has also appeared in some other publications of the actress.

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Sushmita’s post and Lalit’s reaction (in the circle)

Lalit expressed, Sushmita has remained silent, what does the relationship between the two say?

The funny thing is that despite the fact that Lalit Modi has expressed his love, Sushmita Sena has not officially commented on the relationship. But she has not denied Lalit’s announcement and has not given any response to people’s discussions. Lalit Modi is seen reacting like a ‘teenager’ to Sushmita’s love. Like the crazy youngsters. One of the identities of Lalit Modi, who changed the face of cricket by bringing the IPL event, is as a fugitive in the country. But he is seen as both a fugitive and a crazy maniac.

Lalit Modi, who came under the radar of investigative agencies due to financial blemishes, IPL-related controversy, and bad economic practices, had long since left the country. He currently lives in London. Lalit Modi comes from a well-known business family in the country. Her father had established a city called “Modinagar” in western Uttar Pradesh, which has taken the form of a full-fledged city at the present date. The world knew Lalit’s name thanks to IPL. His wife passed away in 2018. Lalit Modi is the father of a daughter and a son.

lalit modi sushSushmita Sen and Lalit Modi.

The son already had the news of the love of the businessman’s father

Even though people found out about the relationship between Lalit and Sushmita Sen after the businessman’s announcement, it’s not that their relatives were unaware of it. Recently, when their relationship came into public debate, Lalit’s son Ruchir Modi had said in response: I already knew about the relationship between my father and Sushmita. In our house people do not comment on the views and personal matters of others. Everyone’s thoughts are different. Ruchir declined to comment on his father’s relationship with him.

Ruchir Modi lives with his father in London. While his sister, that is, Lalit’s daughter, is married and lives in the house of her in-laws.

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