Wet shoe, the minister does not get off the boat; Finally, the fishermen landed on his shoulders and disembarked, out of sight


  • Minister on the shoulders of fishermen.
  • Tamil Nadu Minister Anita Radhakrishnan in controversy.
  • Criticism of the minister after the images came out.

Chennai: In a controversy, a minister from Tamil Nadu grabbed the shoulders of fishermen to prevent their shoes from getting wet. Fisheries and Livestock Minister Anita Radhakrishnan has been implicated in the latest controversy. Widespread protests have erupted over the publication of images of the minister being transported by fishermen.

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The incident took place in Palaverkadu, a coastal area of ​​Tamil Nadu. The minister visited the area affected by the floods and sought information from the locals. After this, the minister was reluctant to get off the boat because his shoes were getting wet.

The minister offered the fisherman a chair to get off the boat, but he refused. Anita Radhakrishnan said that she would have to get up from the chair and get her shoes wet. When it became clear that the minister would not get off the boat, the fishermen carried him on their shoulders and carried him ashore.

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Minister Anita Radhakrishnan reacted to the news that the fishermen were carrying the minister on their shoulders, as he was reluctant to get off the boat due to his shoes getting wet. “The fishermen took me on their shoulders out of love. The minister asked what was wrong with him. Can someone else climb on the shoulders of the fisherman?”

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