What Aamir Khan did should be part of the Hindi film industry system!

The effect of the Bollywood Boycott is slowly starting to affect superstars. Until now, filmmakers were directly bearing the loss of big-budget movies that flopped. But the initiative taken by Aamir Khan may work to heal the wounds of the Hindi film industry. If this is the condition of Bollywood, then it can also be part of the system in the days to come. Actually, actor Aamir Khan waived acting fee from him after the movie ‘Lal Singh Chaddha’ turned out to be a disaster at the box office. He was going to get Rs 100 crore as performance fee. But taking full responsibility for the loss of the film, he has taken this step. By doing this, he has reduced the loss for the filmmakers, who were losing Rs 110 crore. But because of Aamir, the loss has been reduced by 100 million rupees.

Bollywood superstars like Aamir Khan, Shahrukh Khan, Salman Khan, Akshay Kumar, Ajay Devgan and Hrithik Roshan are paid huge fees to work in movies. Their fees range from Rs 80 to 120 million. For example, the trio Khan charges 100 million rupees, while Hrithik has also charged 120 million rupees for some movies. Not only this, these superstars are now also taking their share of the movie profits. Apart from this, as a co-producer of movies, they also invest money and take their earnings separately. In this way, his films earn in three ways. Acting fee, profit sharing and as a producer. But when the movie flops, they take advantage.

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Actor Aamir Khan has been very disappointed after the movie ‘Lal Singh Chaddha’ turned out to be a disaster.

These stars do not suffer any loss when the film flops. They get their fee, which is a huge amount. Despite the failure of the film ‘Thugs of Hindostan’ released four years ago, Aamir took over his full fee. Similarly, Akshay Kumar’s recent release ‘Raksha Bandhan’ turned out to be a disaster, but even after this, he has charged full fare. It is even said that in this film made at 120 million rupees, Akshay Kumar himself has taken 100 million rupees. If they had lowered their fees, at least the filmmakers wouldn’t have suffered. So far, the film has grossed 67 million rupees at the box office.

By the way, it would be surprising to know that a large part of the budget of most movies made today goes to the fees of the actors who work on them. Especially if some filmmaker decides to work with superstars like Aamir Khan, Shahrukh Khan, Salman Khan, Akshay Kumar and Ajay Devgan, he understands that nothing is going to work for them. With high fees, these stars call all the shots. If the movie is made with Rs 150 crore, then there is only a superstar fee of Rs 100 crore. If the film is 100 million rupees, then 60 to 80 million rupees are paid. Recently the Telugu film industry has taken a big step to solve this problem.

The Telugu film industry had stopped shooting there for a month. After this, the filmmakers sat down together and decided how much profit would be given to whom. So that no one is harmed and all the benefit does not go only to the actor. There, a structure has been made for this by mutual agreement. On this decision of the Telugu industry, the producing director of ‘The Kashmir Files’ Vivek Agnihotri has said something very correct. He wrote: “A star charges 120 crore for a 150 crore film or charges 30-40 crore for a film with a budget of 60-70 crore or charges 12 crore for a film of 25 million rupees, idiot.” one person to digest it. Even after watching the movies that are happening continuously, this is happening. In such a situation, where will new stories and new stars emerge, if the studios continue to bet on dead horses?


Vivek Agnihotri further said that these big stars don’t allow writers to write, they don’t allow directors to direct. His decision on the content, the cast, the music, the marketing, everything is final. Its relationship with terrestrial reality is zero. This is the reason why a Bollywood film student is not like any other student. This family is not like any ordinary Indian family. In such a situation, movies have become just projects, which they want to put out by selling them on OTT. Vivek has power in these things. The entire Hindi film industry has been confined around a few people. This is the reason why Bollywood has to see this day today. People are boycotting fiercely.

There is still time. If you are careful, you will save yourself from ruin. All the producers in the Hindi film industry should also sit down together and make a rule. By virtue of which a fixed fee must be set for the actor in any film. The fees must also be a small part of the total budget of the film. After this, the actor must receive a part of the profits made on the film. In such a situation, if the movie is successful, the actor will get more money, if it fails, the creators will be saved from losses. Apart from this, an actor can also be included in a commissioned movie. However, no great artist will be ready to work on these terms. But at least showing a big heart like Aamir’s can save the industry by lowering their fees or giving them back. Otherwise, neither the producer nor the distributor will survive, so how will the movies be made.

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