What about the vaccine that is administered through the nose? 7 new vaccines are likely to arrive in the country, including Pfizer


  • 7 new vaccines can also be distributed.
  • These include locally developed vaccines.
  • Pfizer vaccine on the list.

Bangalore: As the country continues to face a severe vaccine shortage, it has been reported that seven new vaccines may be approved immediately. It is reported that the Pfizer vaccine, which is approved by more countries, can also be distributed domestically.

The new technical vaccine is expected to be available in September, according to the chairman of the National Technical Advisory Committee on Immunization. Narendra Kumar Arora clarified. Vaccines approved and distributed by more countries will eventually be distributed. The US company’s Pfizer vaccine, Johnson & Johnson released single-dose vaccine, Novac intranasal vaccine, HGC019 RNA vaccine, Corbevax vaccine, and Cyclov D ​​vaccine are being distributed in the country.

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These are vaccines that have been shown to be effective in tests. The list also includes locally developed vaccines in India. Sykov D, Korbevax, HGC019 RNA and intranasal vaccine are manufactured locally in India.

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The move to approve more vaccines comes amid strong warnings from a third wave of Kovid in the country. On June 21 alone, the Kovid vaccine was reported to have been administered to more than 8 million people. Between June 21 and 26, more than 3.3 million doses of the vaccine were distributed in the country, according to figures cited by the Union Ministry of Health. The previous record was 2.47 crore for doses of the vaccine between April 3-9.

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