What advice did Neena Gupta give her daughter Masaba about working in movies!

An old interview of Bollywood actress Neena Gupta is in great discussion right now. In fact, in this he spoke of the daughter Masaba Gupta. On Masaba’s dream of an actor, he told Rajeev Masand: “I told him (Masaba), if you want to become an actor, you must go abroad. The way you have your face, your body, you have very little role here in India. environment. You can never become a hero. You can never become Hema Malini. You can never be Alia Bhatt. ” In the words of Neena Gupta, it seems that appearance is a very important thing to work in the film industry.

Masaba, daughter of Nina and former cricketer Vivian Richards, is currently around 33 years old and is a famous fashion designer. A year ago, his series, Masaba Masaba, appeared on Netflix. This was also his acting debut in some way. I don’t know at what age Neena Gupta gave Masaba that advice to her daughter. But in the case of Surat and Sirat, the image of Bollywood has changed over the years. By the way, in the Indian glamor industry, there is no denying the importance of good looks and its benefits. Sometimes it is convenient to have the first opportunity only with the face. But only talent and skill are used to make someone last.

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When it comes to beauty in the Indian environment, so far not many beauties have come to Bollywood through beauty pageants. Naturally, the opportunity she got was due to her beauty and status. When we look at the film career of the same beauties, there are only two or three names (Aishwarya Roy, Sushmita Sen and Priyanka Chopra) who worked for a long time. No one knows where the rest of the beauties have gone.

In Neena’s advice to Masaba, I saw Neena Gupta’s personal pain more than her fear for her daughter. Actually, this advice from Neena was not for her daughter Masaba. Rather, it was because of that Nina that she came to Mumbai in the 80s with all her NSD dreams, but despite being talented, she couldn’t fit much into the traditional Bollywood setting. Perhaps because of his appearance, his dexterity could not progress beyond a couple of reels and some dialogue in movies. Nina’s biography has arrived in which she has talked a lot about her struggle, her relationship with Vivian Richards, and raising Masaba as a single mother.

Neena’s advice for Masaba was based on her experience in the 80s and 90s, given by the actress who at age 59 lived the best female lead role of “Badhaai Ho” in the same industry. While she is counted among the brave women who broke many social taboos. If Neena is asked that the role she played 20 years ago in Badhaai Ho could have been written for a female heroine. His answer would have been no. Gone are the days when only soft faces were seen in Bollywood on the leads of masala movies. It still is to a great extent. But it’s not that talented actors with plain faces don’t have jobs and fame as big stars.

Nina’s words have merit, but it is only one aspect of the truth that is now very weak. In the past 20 years, the face of the industry has gradually changed a lot. Currently dozens of actresses are active who are not like Alia or Kareena, they have been scolded for their skin color and physical appearance but, they have made a dent with their talent. And he earned his share of name and fame at the same time. It is the revenge phase of Bollywood in which Neena is in the golden phase of her career. He’s getting strong roles.

An average-looking actor like Nawazuddin Siddiqui has appeared as the main hero in more than half a dozen films. Older actors like Sanjay Mishra and Adil Hussain are also consistently seen as main heroes in movies like Amitabh Bachchan. Artists like Kiku Sharda and Bharti Singh entertain people tremendously despite their huge body. There are dozens of actresses, who may not be called glamorous, but their performance is still strong. Northeastern artists are also often seen in movies and television shows. Now scripts are being written for talented artists. Show your talent and give it a try. Why would people oppose Masaba?

Nina’s advice is to break the spirits of girls of normal appearance and height who want to make a mark with talent. Nina is what every mother should say to her daughter: of course. You can do it too.

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