What could be the three reasons why Ranveer Singh is seeing Jayesh Bhai Jordaar?

Yash Raj’s flagship film “Jayesh Bhai Jordar” written and directed by Divyang Thakkar is set to hit theaters this week on May 13. Previously, the film was set to be released in February this year. But due to the third wave of the Corona epidemic, the schedule of films awaiting release had to be changed. It also affected Jayesh Bhai Jordar. Even during the shooting before Tilij, the shadow of the epidemic appeared in the project. So. This is the second movie to feature Ranveer Singh in the lead role after last year’s sports drama 83. The state of his last film was very bad at the box office.

The past flop has turned the eyes of the film circle on Jayesh Bhai Jordar. It is very important that Ranveer himself succeeds Jayesh Bhai Jordar rather than the creators. Currently, the Jayeshbhai team along with Ranveer are engaged in a vigorous promotion. Ranveer is giving quick interviews. Nothing can be said about how the audience will take the film. Let us know what can be the three big reasons to see Jayesh Bhai vigorous.

Jayesh bhai.

#one. Mark Ranveer Singh

Ranveer has been active in Bollywood as an actor for 12 years and has so far brought blockbusters like Goliyon Ki Rasleela Ram Leela, Bajirao Mastani, Padmavat and Simmba to Hindi cinema. The actor has played all kinds of characters in his short career. His filmography also includes romantic action movies and he has also done period dramas. He even played the feared negative character of Alauddin Khilji in Padmavat. People could hardly forget Ranveer’s work for the role of Khilji.

Those who watch Padmavat know how the villain of the film has outshone the rest of the characters. Ranveer has a tremendous comedic moment. He has shown his acting skills many times. Simmba is a great example of this. Viewers who like Ranveer’s comedy might like Jayesh Bhai Jordaar.

#two. for social comedy

Social comedy drama actually means a story made about a social issue in a light-hearted or entertaining way. Jayesh Bhai Jordar’s story is about making the difference between son and daughter in Orthodox families. The story is of a sarpanch people (Boman Irani). The sarpanch’s thinking can be understood from one of his statements about the complaint. The girl asks the sarpanch to ban alcohol and sexual abuse, then the sarpanch gives her the solution that soap should be banned. He believes that if the girls apply scented soap, the village children will be excited.

The sarpanch also has a son (Ranveer Singh) who will take his place in the future. But who after the son of the sarpanch is a big question. Sarpanch already has a granddaughter. Bahu (Shalini Pandey) is pregnant for the second time. It turns out that she has a female fetus in her stomach. Attention is being drawn to an issue under the guise of the process of bringing this unborn daughter to earth in the womb. The story has been done in a comic style. Even before this, during the last decade, almost all the films that have emerged about social issues have achieved great success. Last year’s Mimi was also a social comedy. It is natural that viewers who like such a movie would like to watch Jayesh Bhai Jordar.

#3. gujarat backdrop

The beautiful backdrop of Gujarat is visible in Jayesh Bhai Jordaar’s trailer. Previously, colorful Gujarat was also shown at Ranveer’s Goliyon Ki Leela Rasleela. It’s good that Bollywood has been showing stories centered around different areas of the country for the last few years. Stories made in Hindi also include food, clothing, and local dialect. However, sometimes Bollywood also has to face criticism for using local dialects like Khichdi.

Before the movie, you can watch the trailer below:

The compulsion of Hindi cinema is that its cinema is intended for a wide audience that understands Hindi. For this reason, in Hindi dialogue, as many local words as the audience can understand are given, in addition to the native language. This feature of Bollywood movies is also no less important. The public has the opportunity to learn about the cultural diversity of the country through these. In Jayesh Bhai too, the audience can hear many things about rural Gujarat. He is also seen in the trailer.

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