What does Vivek Agnihotri’s calculation from ‘The Kashmir Files’ say on Pallavi Joshi’s birthday?

Why was The Kashmir Files inspired by the true events of the massacre and tragedy of the exodus of Hindus in the Kashmir Valley? After the release of the film on March 11, dozens of stories related to the issue are available on the Internet. The filmmakers, including director Vivek Agnihotri, said that their intention was not to make money from the film. Rather, this movie was a great mission for him to show the untold stories of Kashmir to the world. On the other hand, critics of the film alleged that the filmmakers capitalized on it by creating an atmosphere of hate against a community for commercial purposes.

Now, if the filmmakers say their motive wasn’t to make money and share the film’s box office numbers in a playful way, then the question begs. Actually, Vivek has shared his wife Pallavi Joshi’s photo and movie earnings on Twitter, questions are being raised. That can be read in the reactions to the tweet. The caption of Vivek’s tweet is: “Happy birthday to India’s most successful production company.” The images shared with the caption: Vivek and Pallavi are together in one. And in the second, there is a world cinema figure on the poster of The Kashmir Files.

Vivek Agnihotri’s tweet.

On the poster, The Kashmir Files has been described as ‘Global Sensation’ and according to this the worldwide business has become 331 crores. It’s natural for people who disagree with the film to accuse Vivek of spreading hate just for the good of business. Just a few days ago, Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal and some other leaders also said that if the producers’ motive was not to win, why not spend the revenues earned so far on rehabilitation and displacement of the victims? of Kashmir? However, Kejriwal’s statement received full blown criticism and people said why Vivek should do this. That is, the question is stuck somewhere in the purpose of the film itself.

Understand the meaning of movie earnings.

Before continuing, it should be known that any filmmaker in the world produces a commercial film ‘also for commercial reasons’. It can never be ignored. The same has happened with the great films made about the Holocaust or all the humanitarian disasters in the world. If someone imagines of Vivek Agnihotri that he should make a movie and he doesn’t even win, then that movie doesn’t make sense. The box office taking of a movie simply means that he liked it. And liking is the true purpose of the film.

As much as the collection, that is, the film was seen a lot and there was a lot of discussion, this is a simple meaning. The theater collection is really the only tool to understand audience reach. In this sense, it can be said that the goal of the creators of The Kashmir Files was successful, “if their goal was to bring the story of the film to the world.”

With the profits from the film, the discussion about it and the public debate, the opening of old cases related to the genocide in the valley can be seen as proof of the success of the cause. Similar films about human tragedies have been made in many parts of the world. How can you separate the movies made about the Jewish genocide and the movies that made tremendous money? Had it not been for these movies, people would hardly have known about the cruelty towards Jews. Propaganda is something else, but it would be wrong to say that the films about the Jewish genocide were made to make money.

cashmere-files-bo-650_040422090422.jpgThe Kashmir Archives

As far as charity is concerned, all the decision makers have also spent some of their earnings as they please. After the success of Jai Bhim, when people learned about the current terrible financial situation of the female victim, the filmmakers of the film helped her. This is the side of the manufacturers themselves. Perhaps the creators of Kashmir Files are also contemplating such a venture or they may have done something. Well, it will be your own decision.

The second thing is that sharing the profits of the film publicly is also a message of many kinds. Victoria’s Message- That goes straight to the film industries. There have been accusations against Bollywood for making fun of a feeling, depressing it. An ideology is selective on some issues and has formulated a formula as to whether a movie on that issue is worth telling. People will see that track and it will be a hit, and people won’t like to see that track. Now, also from this perspective, obtaining The Kashmir Files is a ‘mandate’. This means that the story that did not consider the theme of the film, people also want to see the same stories and want to see it in its entirety. One such film which is becoming the most “high for profit” film in the history of Hindi cinema.

Such a celebration was bound to happen in the Bollywood ecosystem.

For a part of the filmmakers, it is not a celebration but a question of applause. That section is sharing the facts and telling you that you didn’t even understand the theme of the movie: look, it destroyed all established notions in one fell swoop. In fact, there is only one type of movement that we have made. Now more people will. You see that after the success of The Kashmir Files, the statements of Bollywood filmmakers and actors point to the same thing. Karan Johar also said: This is a movement and somewhere something was missing. The Kashmir Files is something filmmakers need to learn.

This is also true. Now the film industry cannot survive by mocking or ignoring Indianness or its spirit. Stories will be made. If the competent people don’t make it, then some anonymous Pallavi or Vivek will make it. Maybe it will also become history.

anupam-kashmir-f_040422090537.jpgAnupam Kher.

Vivek-Pallavi destroys perceptions

Lastly, who is Pallavi Joshi? an actress. Whom television gained recognition, but despite her skills, she failed to become an icon like an actor deserves in a career. In the movies, the sister could not go beyond the secondary role of her daughter. We have fan followings instead of heroine heroine and her ecosystem abilities. Rather, it cannot be said with the claim how successful the actor is in the superstar.

So, in a way, Pallavi almost destroyed the notion that filmmakers and professionals die after a period. His role is the life of the movie. Even the big Bollywood production companies don’t know how many papads it takes to earn Rs 300 crore and only a few movies can do it. Pallavi Joshi’s sudden rise as Bollywood’s most successful producer via film is a scathing and decisive attack on the elite system of the film industry. Look at you, we have also done the magic of earning 300 million rupees. And no frills.

Take the success of movies from the south: now people are taking movies politically and culturally too. People are happy. Even if you feel like the hate should be spread, it’s still about money, etc-etc. But they see their own representation in it. The meaning of Vivek’s tweet is many. Only the choice is of the convenience and concept of it.

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