What happened to the girlfriend in the car that fell behind the policeman

Moral vigilance is a major problem facing urban youth. Most young people have very bad experiences. Some victims’ stories are so painful that they are unable to share their experiences in public and go through the trauma alone for long periods of time. Operation Romeo is one of those dramatic Bollywood thrillers whose theme is moral vigilance, but here Victim bears no grudge for the experience. Rather, it may be a matter of audience interest to see what he does for revenge in the film. The trailer has arrived. There is no star in the film.

The film is actually an intense love story. But the love story seen in the trailer looks special. Kind of like the super hit ‘Kaabil’ by Hrithik Roshan and Yami Gautam. What happens is that two young couples fall in love in Mumbai. And spend time together away from home. Take a walk, go to the cafeteria and watch movies. In general, couples in love have a similar routine. Both the couple are hiking. They both park their car in a secluded spot for the night and try to get intimate inside.

operation romeo

What happened in the car that took revenge on the policeman, the young man in love

They would both lose to each other that during this time there is an entry from Mangesh, who describes himself as a deputy police inspector. He makes the video and asks the lover out. By threatening moral vigilance, he harms the young man and demands money in exchange for leaving them. The young man goes to the ATM to withdraw money. During this, the police inspector does something with the girl in the car seat. What is that something? It will only be known after the movie arrives. The young man keeps asking the girl what happened to her in the car?

After the incident, the victim’s life seems to have changed. Now a young man is seen smiling with innocent love trying to take revenge. He stores and targets the wife and family of the policeman in question. The drama ‘Operation Romeo’ is an attempt to move people through how the young man accomplishes his revenge against the police inspector. Actually, this movie is a remake of Malayalam drama ‘Ishq: Not a Love Story’. The Malayalam movie was a hit. Aside from Siddhant, Sharad Kelkar is seen as the biggest and most familiar face in the remake. He is in a gray tone and plays the role of Mangesh.

Here you can watch the trailer for the movie below:-

There is no star in the film, the public will see a new pair.

Salman Khan’s heroine Bhumika Chawla played the role of Mangesh’s wife. Apart from these two, Vedika Pinto and Kishore Kadam are also going to be seen. The Hindi audience will be able to see a new pair on the big screen. Operation Romeo is led by Shashant Shah. While Neeraj Pandey who has done great movies like A Wednesday’s Day, Special 26, MS Dhoni is in his production. Producers also include Reliance Entertainment. This movie will be released in theaters on April 22 this month.

Siddhant Gupta is in the lead role. The Hindi audience will not yet know the face of Siddhant well. Because Siddhant had not yet gotten a job worthy of achieving great fame. She has so far done small jobs in the form of modeling, video albums, and reality shows. Last year, Siddhant landed a major role in the cricket web series Inside Edge 3 in which she played the role of a Kashmiri cricketer. A cricketer whose talent is judged by his father’s political legacy rather than his natural sporting ability. It’s definitely a great movie for Siddhant.

Yogi Sarkar formed Romeo Squad, the actions caught the attention of the country

When it comes to Operation Romeo or the term Romeo, Romeo Jumla has been in the news a lot after Yogi Adityanath’s government came to power in UP in 2017. In fact, Yogi had formed Romeo Squad to protect girls who were allegedly abused by witches. This squad used to crack down on young men and lovers who behaved inappropriately in public places. One section even called it unnecessary moral vigilance in people’s personal lives.

Even before the formation of the Romeo Squad, dozens of cases of moral policing by certain political organizations in public places were reported. As far as Mumbai is concerned, the society there is very open and recently big issues like moral vigilance are not being heard. Hindi audiences can hope that through Operation Romeo, they will be able to hear a great story in the exciting drama.

I’ll wait for the movie.

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