What is Siraj talking about on Walkie Talkie; Although the game did not take place, it was enough for the fans!

India and New Zealand have qualified for the final of the World Trials Championship after two years of intense competition and fighting. The two teams meet in Southampton after a long wait of more than a month. But cricket fans are disappointed that the rain is wiping out the match.

Siraj, who is not on the team

Mohammad Siraj was part of India’s 15-man team for the World Trials Championship. But the player has no place in the game XI. The team management decided to play senior pacemaker. Although Siraj is not in the XI of the game, an image of the star is going viral on social media.

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Trolls work

Talking about walkie talkie

On the first day of the final of the event, not a single ball could be thrown due to the rain. The second day it stopped earlier due to lack of light. The match took place exactly on the third day. That same day, Siraj was talking on a walkie-talkie. Although it was shown live during the match, the movie is now being recorded.

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Different tweets

Fans with trolls

Fans are active with the OK troll even though the game is not happening. There are many trolls circulating regarding Siraj’s image. The world of Twitter has taken the photo seriously. The discussion is about what Siraj will be talking about on Walkie Talkie. There are many trolls associated with and without cricket.

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Laughing trolls

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