What is the biggest challenge facing Vikram Vedha, if the movie isn’t swept up in the PS 1 tsunami?

The last Friday of September can be a headache for Bollywood. People are surprised that the movie starring Hrithik Roshan and Saif Ali Khan is ready for release. But the trend of boycotting Bollywood movies is not visible on social media. Are the boycotters tired or is it something else? The silence is also worth noting because for the last few months, Hrithik Roshan and Saif Ali Khan were seen as the targets of a negative campaign. But when his film is ready for release, like other films, there is no opposition in front of him. Even advance booking has started.

In a way, this is surprising in the current trend. Why is the Boycott gang silent? This will be discussed further. Vikram Vedha is the official remake of the 2017 Tamil thriller with the same title. The pairing of R Madhavan and Vijay Sethupathi, directed by Pushkar-Gayatri, rocked theaters with their performance. In the Hindi remake, Saif plays the role of R Madhavan and Hrithik Roshan plays the role of Vijay. The Boycott campaign is not a challenge to Vikram Vedha. The first biggest challenge before Vikram Vedha hits theaters will be its own content and acting. It was only after the trailer for the film came out that his hints began to trickle in.

Many things can damage Vikram Vedha in a collision with PS 1.

Understanding the Silence Seen Against Vikram Vedha in the Boycott Trend

It is clear that another method can be adopted to oppose the Vikram Vedha of Bollywood. Its content/performance is more likely to be talked about than ‘Boycott Bollywood’ directly. And we can definitely assume that this will be the reason for a negative campaign for Vikram Vedha. That is, there will be a comparison with the original film. Since only Hrithik and Saif are targeted, the work of both actors will be compared to the actors in the original film. From the continuous boycott trend in recent months, it can be inferred that the opposing faction will reject Saif and Hrithik in a comparative conclusion.

Anyway, Vikram Vedha is already present on all platforms. This trick seemed very effective against other trending movies and could hurt Vikram Vedha. Another thing is that the Hindi version is also directed by the director of the original film. And Manoj Muntashir also made a public call not to boycott it. If you have noticed, such comparisons started happening only after the Vikram Vedha trailer came out. People described Hrithik’s performance as average compared to Vijay and Madhavan. Along with the Hrithik Saif film, there was a lot of publicity for the original film.

The original film is available on OTT and therefore there is almost no audience watching the cinema that has not seen the original film. Now, whoever has seen the original movie once, why would he spend hundreds of rupees at the cinema for a movie that was seen in the remake after a slight change of name, cities and events? It can be said that the Boycott faction is already confident in the fate of Hrithik Saif’s film.

The biggest reason for the Boycott faction’s silence is the storm that has moved from south to north.

There is also the second and greater reason for the Boycott faction to be calm. And that’s why his hard work is not visible for any Bollywood movie. The silence is visible. In fact, on September 30th, an extraordinary epic from the South is coming, whose light can dazzle the eyes of Indian cinema. The movie is PS 1, directed by veteran Mani Ratnam. The history of the film is from the largest and oldest Chola Empire in India. This is that part of Indian history that people don’t know much about. A story that the world cannot deny.

Like PS 1, the great saga of history, for Vikram Vedha, will be treated like Mount Everest. PS 1 is launching bread India. The audience would definitely like to see the history of the Cholas from their history. Anyway, the Hindi audience knows Mani Ratnam’s cinema. There are also known stars in the stellar cast of the film. Stars like Vikram, Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, Jayam Ravi, and Karti have been able to wow audiences with the epic period drama. The film has been made extensively. Following the arrival of the trailer, praise for the manufacture is being seen everywhere.

Since there is the option of a strong movie vs. Vikram Vedha in the form of PS 1, then the Boycott faction may not see the need to put much effort vs. Brahmastra or other movies. It will also click people in the fight between Bollywood and South. Why wouldn’t people want to see the history of India’s great history in the festive atmosphere of Dussehra than the movie they see? Well the big question will be how many screens does PS 1 get in the Hindi belt vs Vikram Vedha? The film will stay on some screens or others and the mandate that will be prepared in favor of PS 1 in the South will be the mouthpiece of publicity in the North. The audience will be attracted.

The content of PS 1 can also put pressure on the exhibitor. It will directly damage Vikram Vedha. This is the reason for the silence. The brewing storm at the box office.

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