What is the highest grossing Pakistani film in the US despite having far fewer screens than Thank God?

Two Bollywood films: Akshay Kumar’s Ram Setu and Ajay Devgan-Siddharth Malhotra’s Thank God were released worldwide on Tuesday, the day of Diwali. In North America, Akshay’s film got 354 screens and Ajay Devgan’s film got 228 screens. Along with these films, there was already a film from Pakistan which was playing on 90 screens. The Pakistani film opened on October 13. It is curious that despite having more screens on the first day, the earnings of both Bollywood films were much less than the Pakistani film.

According to Bollywood Hungama, while Ram Setu earned Rs 39.67 lakh ($48,330) in North America through 228 screens on the first day, Ajay Devgan’s Thank God earned Rs 33.13 lakh ($40,358). across 228 screens on day one). gain. But on the same day, the Pakistani film earned Rs 46.45 lakh (US$56,586) through showing on just 90 screens. It is clear that in the North American box office, what is the craze for the Pakistani film among the audience of the Indian subcontinent. The Pakistani film we are talking about is The Legend of Maula Jatt. The Indian audience will be well familiar with the names of Fawad Khan and Mahira Khan. Both have appeared in Indian movies. They both have leading roles in the film. Apart from these, many other actors like Hamza Ali Abbasi, Mirza Gauhar Rashid, Faris Shafi and Ali Azmat are seen in major roles.

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Fawad Khan in The Legend of Maula Jatt.

Pakistani film proved to be heavy on Bollywood

Pakistani movie craze is also looking very good in other western countries as compared to Bollywood movies. If we talk about the UK box office, then The Legend of Moula Jatt, despite being on less screen, has twenty more Bollywood movies there as well. On the 13th at the UK box office, Maula Jatt earned Rs 38.40 lakh (US$46,825) from showing only 56 screens. Although Thank God was on 83 screens, it earned just 15.97 lakhs (US$19,472) on the first day. Similarly, Ram Setu also managed to earn Rs 13.61 lakh (US$16,595) on the first day with 95 screens on display. In Pakistan, it destroyed all profit records. And it has become the highest grossing Pakistani film in the world. Maula Jatt has made a business of over Rs 100 crore in just 10 days at the global box office. Previously, no Pakistani film had earned 100 million rupees or more.

After all, what is in Fawad’s The Legend of Maula Jatt?

The Legend of Maula Jatt is actually the official remake of 1979’s ‘Cult’, which is currently proving to be a mass performer at the global box office in terms of Pakistan. Maula Jatt is being told a Punjabi folk tale. Actually, the action is a revenge drama. I mean, it’s a revenge story. Something bad happens to Maula, whose character is played by Fawad, and he ruthlessly takes revenge for that mistake. The movie is full of action and emotion. Even when the original film predated Fawad’s film, it rocked Pakistani audiences.

Some reports suggest that after the original film was released, many filmmakers tried to remake it but were unsuccessful. There used to be some roadblock and the creators had to back off. It is even said that the movie that is currently causing a sensation in the world also took about 10 years to be made, presented and released. He went through many setbacks, including a court battle. His first look poster came four years ago. But the controversy began. The producers of the original film contacted the producers and the film stalled. Two years later, there was an agreement between the original producers and the filmmakers of the remake and the film fell apart. It took two years to make the film and it was released in October this year.

Needless to say, The Legend of Maula Jatt starring Fawad Khan is proving to be a landmark in Pakistani history. And it goes without saying that an action-packed, thrill-packed Punjabi folklore saga is drawing audiences from the Indian subcontinent far beyond Pakistan to countries like Britain and the United States. The film is made in Punjabi. Old stories come to life in the current era.

Here you can watch the trailer for the movie below:-

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