What is the ICC’s plan if the final is a draw? Gavaskar suggests


  • New Zealand lost Ross Taylor on day five
  • Gavaskar says joint champions shouldn’t be able to win the test championship
  • The suggestion that cricket should have a system similar to shooting in soccer

The fifth day of the World Test Championship final between India and New Zealand is still threatened by rain. New Zealand lost the third wicket in a match that started late due to rain. Ross Taylor lost his window for 117 races. Taylor scored 11 of 37 balls. Shubhman Gill captured by Mohammad Shami. When batting off India’s first 217-inning score, New Zealand scored 128 of three.

Captain Kane Williamson (15) and Henry Nichols (6) are on the fold. Tom Latham (30) and Devon Conway (54) were out on day four.
The World Trials Championship, which was completely drenched by rain for two days, is also hampered by the lack of light. With an extra day allowed, it is difficult to find a winner for the final. The joint winners will be the first champions of the event. However, former India captain Sunil Gavaskar said it was inappropriate.

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If the match is a draw, a winner must be found through the ICC. This time, it may not be possible. The tiebreaker system must be considered for the final of the Trial Championship at least in the future. “There is a penalty shootout in soccer and there is a tiebreaker in tennis,” Gavaskar said. The ICC has been criticized for deciding the test championship venue regardless of the weather. The question of whether such an important match should be held so irresponsibly is being asked not only by former cricketers, but by all social media.

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