What is the meaning of nationalism in the final episode of Panchayat 2? Here is the answer…

Fans’ enthusiasm for Panchayat 2 with 8 episodes is worth watching. In Panchayat 2, which is shown on Amazon Prime, on the one hand, the performance of artists such as Jitendra Kumar, Neena Gupta, Raghubir Yadav, Chandan Roy and Faisal Malik are praised. So, at the same time, those who oppose everything else have also found images of criticism in this web series. The theme is the eighth episode of the series. It was said that the spice of nationalism has been sprinkled on the series to add a touch of emotion and make it a ‘hit’. The arguments are also such that Panchayat is a ‘cheerful and tickling’ series. In such a situation, the way the last episode depicts the martyrdom of the soldier who was martyred in Jammu and Kashmir, a vain attempt has been made to take the series seriously. After all these accusations, the question is, is it really so? Was the martyrdom of a soldier really used as an X factor?

By showing nationalism in its latest episode, the creators have completed Ballia in Panchayat 2.

The answer is no. In a nutshell, Panchayat 2 episode 8 is just as important as the first or second and third episodes. The backdrop for the series is Phulera. Phulera is a village in the Ballia district. All those people in the country who are familiar with Ballia should understand that Ballia is one of the few districts in Uttar Pradesh, where there are many such houses in rural areas where children are in the Indian Army and protect the country.

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The tears of Phulera’s aide, Prahlad Pandey, who mourns the death of his young son on screen may have moistened our eyes as well, but when we look and analyze the villages of Ballia, we find that the coffins that reach the corpses of soldiers are not new to people here.

The latest episode of the series also makes us understand that Phulera means only bad ways, mutual fights, open defecation, more than two children, secretary challenges, Pradhan’s husband taking Pradhan’s seat, domination, muscle strength and Gourd it is not. If the above points will be discussed along with Phulera’s problems, then the martyr and his martyrdom will be mentioned. The tricolor will be discussed. The topic of discussion will be nationalism.

It is quite possible that through this eighth episode, the creators have made the show a success. Or say that nationalism has been very cleverly used to make noise. But we also cannot rule out the fact that the martyrdom of the soldiers who were martyred on the border of the country is the pride of Ballia. This is what separates Ballia from other UP districts like Lucknow, Sitapur, Hardoi, Barabanki, Unnao, Kanpur, Jaunpur.

All those people who are raising their finger on the latest episode of Panchayat 2 on social networks, they must understand that the reality of Phulera is the last one, that is, the 8th episode, the rest are all those stories that are also in Phulera and the country. in other towns as well. Although it saddens us to see Prahlad mourn the death of a young son, we must also understand that there are many Phuleras in Ballia, there are many Prahlads.

However, now that Panchayat 2 has started making headlines due to its eighth episode. So we will also end our talk by saying that the creators are really to be thanked, the way they presented us with the pride of the Ballia district in a few minutes, it was really necessary, and we will also say that it was only from this episode that TVF and Amazon Prime They said that if they chose Ballia as the backdrop for their series, then they talked about all of their points and did Ballia justice as a district.

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