What is the meaning of Thalaivi? Kangana made it her last name by removing ‘Ranaut’

Kangana Ranaut, who remains in the discussion about her statements on social media, but this time is in the headlines not because of any statement but because of her last name. In fact, Kangana has changed her last name ‘Ranaut’ on her Instagram account.

Before promoting her movie (Thalaivii Release Date), Kangana removed ‘Ranaut’ from her name and added Thalaivi. Now her name on her Instagram account is not Kangana Ranaut but Kangana Thalaivi.

Kangana’s Thalaivi movie will open on September 10. The film is based on the biography of J Jayalalithaa, the five-time Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu.

The film is based on the biography of Jayalalithaa.

Kangana, who visited the late Jayalalithaa’s samadhi before the promotion to seek her blessings, was so impressed with Jayalalithaa’s life and personality that she changed her last name.

People used to call their most popular leader Jayalalithaa with nicknames like Amma, Puratchi Thalaivi, and Kalai Selvi. The people of the AIADMK party gave her the title “Amma”, which means mother and “Puratchi Thalaivi”, which means revolutionary leader.

In fact, the practice of giving surnames in South India is quite old. There are many actors and politicians who have been nicknamed by people as a title to express their love and respect.

Who can forget the former Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu N Karunanidhi, one of the great faces of Indian politics? Karunanidhi was rich in versatility. His fans nicknamed him Kalaignar. Kalaignar means “scholar of the arts”.

If the people of the South have to call their favorite actor, they will call him by his first name and not by his real name. This last name is not like a critic or his short name, but rather it is a last name given by the public at mass.

Rajinikanth is also called Thalaiva in Tamil Nadu. The word Thalaiva is derived from Thalaivar which means leader or chief. You must remember that song … I’m a Rajini fan, Thalaiva. That is why this word was used. Similarly, many other people have been given different last names.

If someone in the south wants to call Rajinikanth by his name, that person will call him Thalaiva and not by any other name. It is the love of the people that makes an actor or leader with the same name famous. People have given surnames along with the names of many other popular politicians and actors.

Similarly, people call Ajit Kumar, the superstar of the Southern film industry, “Thala.” what does boss mean; leader or leader. By the way, this last name suits Kangana well. The only difference is that he has kept this nickname himself, not the crowd of people. Kangana is always associated with controversies.

She fights her battles on her own. Speak your words openly with the utmost clarity. When his office was vandalized a few months ago, he fought alone. Now it remains to be seen if this nickname is added for just a few days or forever. Is this promotion strategy like Manikarnika’s?

Well, if we talk about the South, then people start treating someone like a god. It is heavily influenced by the characters portrayed in the movies. There are many stars from the South who were in the world of cinema before and also proved their worth in politics.

Thalaivii Release Date, Thalaivii Promotion, Kangana Ranaut, Kangana ThalaiviiKangana removed Ranaut from her name and added Thalaivi

The famous politician and actor Marudur Gopalan Ramachandran was nicknamed MGR by the people. He was famous by this name. MGR was a superstar and successful South Indian film director. It was the icon of Tamil Nadu culture. Similarly, people keep calling Mahesh Babu as ‘Nani’. Which means lovely person.

You must remember Rana Daggubati who played Bhallal Dev in the movie ‘Bahubali’, people call him by the nickname of ‘Firi’ and Kamal Haasan as Universal Hero. Now you have to see that after changing Kangana’s last name, with what new mess they now bring up. Now how controversial queen Kangana handles it and how amazing her movie is, only time will tell.

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