What to do immediately if food gets stuck in the throat


  • What are the symptoms of food getting stuck in the throat?
  • How to remove trapped food?

Although it may seem trivial, eating is a very complex process. Sometimes things can go wrong during this process, which can cause food to get stuck in the throat or esophagus. This problem can cause shortness of breath in children and adults. In severe cases, shortness of breath can lead to direct death. When food or any other object gets stuck in your throat or windpipe, it blocks the flow of air to your lungs.

Be aware of signs of shortness of breath.

* Inability to speak
* Difficulty breathing or noisy breathing
* Cough
* Skin, lips, and nails turn blue or dull.
* Loss of consciousness

Shortness of breath is a life-threatening emergency. If you or your loved one experience these symptoms, seek medical attention immediately. Experts recommend doing things like suffocating and tightening your abdomen before calling your local health services.

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Causes of food getting stuck in the throat

Young children are more likely to get food stuck in their throat. These types of accidents are more likely to occur because food is not chewed properly. But in older people, eating in a hurry can cause food to get stuck in the throat.

Strategies to apply if food gets trapped

> If food gets caught in children or adults, the drunk may be asked to cough. Food caught in the pressure of the cough will be expelled.

> Ask the trapped person to lean over and hit the outside hard. In the case of young children, this can be done by grasping them by the neck.

Note: All of these methods can be applied if the person is conscious. If you lose consciousness, you must be taken immediately to the hospital.

Here are some strategies to eliminate food trapped in your esophagus.

When food gets stuck in the esophagus, it doesn’t affect breathing because the food has already passed through the windpipe. However, you may experience severe chest pain and a cough. Here are some ways to solve this problem at home.

> Drink a canned carbonated drink right away. Research shows that this simple technique can help break down food and remove barriers.

> Drinking a little more water will help eliminate food trapped in the esophagus.

> Try to eat bananas or any other food. Sometimes one food can push another into the esophagus. If you don’t like to eat fruit, dip a piece of bread in water or milk.

> Mix some baking soda or baking soda in water. Drinking this solution will help break down food stuck in the throat.

> Eat a tablespoon of butter. This will moisten the lining of the esophagus and help trapped food move easily down the stomach.

A natural remedy for a sore throat.

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