When Anupama wanted a child after getting married, she wanted to settle in her house, so why was she fighting so hard?

What is happening again in Anupama’s life, whatever is showing. The same Anupama and then the same sad and tense face of hers… the program adds new themes these days that are not to the public’s liking. When Baa got better, her sister-in-law came to bother her. Who is now going to destroy Anupama’s life. Who should explain to the creators that if Anupama remains tense, then the audience will also become depressed?

Anupama Joshi married with great difficulty Anuj Kapadia. In her previous marriage of 25 years, Anupama had already suffered greatly. She had even forgotten her name. After marrying Vanraj, she was left alone as Mrs. Shah. Her surname Joshi was forgotten long ago. Her dream was to read. Her dream was to go to America and dance. She had to put on a stage show of her dance across the country. She was a partner in Anuj’s company before the marriage and now she has become a mistress and sits in the house. She has now returned once more and has stayed where she once was…

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Seeing Anupama upset again, the anger of the people has erupted.

She goes back to doing the plas in the kitchen. She doesn’t teach at school anymore, she doesn’t go to the dance academy or work in the restaurants of Vanraj. She now only lives in the house. After the marriage, the normal couple enjoys a few days but it seems that the Rajshahi show is getting off topic. That is why Anuj and Anupama, who went on their honeymoon, arrive at the orphanage to adopt a child. After that, Anupama feels the lack of family. She needs to fill the whole house. To fill this void, Anuj’s brothers and sisters-in-law don’t know where they leak from America. That too with a daughter and a brother.

Suppose an Anuj-Anupama now has an adopted child and the whole family will be there. Anupama is making pancakes for his sister-in-law. Serving it with Anuj and making khichdi for GK. In general, the glimpse of Anupama, who was 25 years old, is seen. Who has begun to forget the dreams of him once again facing the responsibility of the kitchen and the family.

Seeing Anupama upset again, the anger of the people has erupted. I also think that when Anupama had to do all this, then why did she fight so much for herself with society. Who pushes back like that after moving forward? Now, once again, Anupama will dedicate herself to raising her daughter. She will take care of sister-in-law’s brother and sister-in-law’s daughter. She will be busy with her new family. Above all, the old in-laws and the three children already have a daughter-in-law and an unborn grandson or granddaughter.

Now, in the midst of so many things, what will a woman be able to do for herself? Again the same kitchen and the same family and the same Anupama… is that all that matters in a woman’s life? The sister-in-law is doing the trick from above. I don’t feel like Anupama’s new family fits into the show at all. The love angle is shown separately between them.

Now it remains to be seen that after the criticism received from the people, the makers make some changes or carry forward this tired story. People no longer want to see Anupama sad. They want to see him move on. So that these women can be inspired. No more sad Anupama pleasezzzzzzzzzz…

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