When did Dhanush enter Hindi movies before Atrangi Re and what was the result?

Dhanush had gained enormous and magical recognition across the country for a single song without making Hindi movies. This song came in the era of 2011. Kolavari D. The song in Tamil conversational style in simple English made Dhanush a favorite of young people. A few days after this song, Aanand L. Roy saw Dhanush for the role of Kundan Shankar. Dhanush and Anand are about to be together for almost a decade. After a long time, the two are once again bonded due to the Atrangi Re love triangle. Atrangi Re also stars Akshay Kumar and Sara Ali Khan along with Dhanush. The film is an exclusive OTT release on Disney Plus Hotstar rather than in theaters. As of December 24.

If you want, you can listen to Kolavari D below before continuing. At this point it’s impossible to tell how much magic is in the song, but when it arrived, it rocked the charts.

Dhanush has made two Hindi movies so far as an actor. His Hindi debut was with Aanand L Roy via Raanjhanaa. This movie came in the year 2013 in which he played the role of the young Tamil Brahmin: Kundan Shankar in Banaras. Kundan Shankar’s family had lived in Banaras for several generations and fell in love with Zoya, a Muslim girl from the neighborhood. Zoya Gathi is her childhood friend. In socioeconomic status, Zoya was way ahead of Kundan. Zoya didn’t even know that Kundan was in love with her.

Aanand L Roy’s unique romantic story of Raanjhana had impressed all audiences. The music of AR Rahman had been added to the film. Dhanush, with a simple appearance, had made the Hindi audience an overnight favorite with his work. However, despite achieving great success in Hindi, her second film took two years to come out. The movie was Shamitabh. Amitabh Bachchan was also in the second lead role in Shamitabh. It was made by R Balki. The movie turned out to be average at the box office, but Dhanush’s performance with Big B was appreciated. Atrangi Re: Dhanush’s third Hindi movie after six years.

Except for Shamitabh, as far as Raanjhanaa and Atrangi Re are concerned, Dhanush’s reach is also due to its origin. In fact, in both films, Dhanush’s character is that of a young Tamil. And they probably seem the most accurate for it. In an interview with the Economic Times, Dhanush recounted how Anand had found it. That too after seeing one of his songs on ‘Adhukalam’. Anand wanted a boy like Dhanush to play Kundan Shankar in his movie (Raanjhana). Anand had faith in Dhanush and he showed it too.

Dhanush and Sara in Atrangi Re.

But be it Dhanush or other southern stars, how many didn’t know about it in Hindi movies. Work done. He was also successful, but he never showed that he is also willing to pursue a career in Hindi cinema. Rajinikanth and Kamal Haasan are definitely two of those actors whose interference is seen equally in Tamil cinema as it is in Hindi. The rest of the stars are seen in the next series. Many stars like the Telugu superstar Chiranjeevi, who made movies like Ban, Aaj Ka Gundaraj, and Gentleman, or Venkatesh, who delivered box office hits like Anari and Takdeerwala, also achieved success in Hindi, but never took the initiative.

Kamal Haasan has been continuously making movies with the Hindi market in mind. In the 80s, Kamal Haasan was making a lot of Hindi movies and it was also a hit. Later a gap was also shown, but from time to time his Hindi films have appeared. Besides the pure Hindi movies, there are also bilingual movies like Hey Ram, Abhay and Mumbai Express, which were made in Tamil and Hindi. Rajinikanth is also making bilingual movies like this one. SS Rajamouli has started a trend after Bahubali, in which Indian films in different southern languages ​​are not only being made in Hindi but are also raising the banner of success. However, working on a Pan India movie and working on a purely Hindi movie are two different things.

Aside from pan-Indian content, stars like Chiranjeevi, Venkatesh or Dhanush do not appear consistently in Hindi movies despite their success. Why don’t you see In an interview with ET himself, Dhanush said that when Raanjhanaa was made, it was an almost impossible task for South Indian actors to work in North India (film industry). Now things have changed. Entertainment is available everywhere and for everyone. As of today, the audience is seeing quality content in all languages. This brought us very close (north and south). This is a wonderful and beautiful succession stop. The times ahead are exciting and I look forward to the future.

Dhanush’s dream is to make a new version of Amitabh Bachchan’s Sharabi.

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