When Karan Johar’s cup of coffee created a storm…

Anyone interested in Bollywood and industry gossip hardly missed Koffee’s episode with Karan. No matter how the show went from good to bad, it generated controversy and made headlines. As these controversies had heated up the discussion market, Karan Johar, the host of the affected program, was also very impressed and there were many times when his stomach turned and there was a storm in his own cup of coffee.

After all, Karan Johar has announced that now Koffee with Karan will not come.

Speaking of Karan Johar’s famous show Koffee With Karan from Past Diary just because the show is closing. Koffee With Karan fans may be deeply hurt after this news, but they must understand that the show’s closure has been announced by Karan Johar himself. Let’s first look at some controversies related to the program.

Hardik Pandya – KL Rahul Gig

“I’m very open with my parents and they know all the girlfriends I have.” On the show, Pandya talked about dating many women. I love to see women move and watch them. I’m kind of black, so I need to see how she moves.” -Hardik Pandya

“I’m a fan of Malaika Arora. Malaika is my ‘crush’, but my passion for her disappeared the day Karan had Arjun and Malaika’s relationship on the show.” ,KL Raul

Deepika Padukone Episodes

RK (Ranbir Kapoor) should now endorse condoms. deepika padukone

Episode Ranveer Singh

I reached the threshold of youth from childhood watching Kareena swim – Ranveer Singh

kareena kapoor chapter

Where does Priyanka Chopra get her accent? -Kareena Kapoor

priyanka chopra chapter

Where Saif brings her accent: Priyanka Chopra (Kareena had made a huge attack on Priyanka for her accent in Koffee with Karan.

tusshar kapoor episode

The first name that comes to mind after hearing the name Botox is actress Preity Zinta. -Tusshar Kapoor

sonam kapoor episode

If you don’t have a jaggery look, then you are considered a good actor – Sonam Kapoor

Koffee with Karan will not return: Karan Johar’s heart is not heavy, it has become lighter

Karan’s show is closing. The letter has reached social networks. The letter that Karan has written in which it is written that I declare with great regret that now Koffee with Karan will not return. Believe it or not, but Karan is a smart man. Karan knew that Bollywood and himself had become so much trouble that if the show had come back this time, there would have been a war. It was heavy. There was a fight. Karan’s condition that has happened from the past until now is not hidden from anyone. Is nothing said to the poor? Some say that Karan is the man of nepotism and others say that this is the man who lobby in Bollywood.

I guarantee you if the show comes on now, whether it be Karan as host or guest, he would surely become ‘Will Smith’ and repeat history, Karan knew it all so he didn’t get carried away with his emotions. and he left the whole episode as a beautiful story.

Either way, the show would have stopped or it wouldn’t have made much of a difference to anyone. But this way Bollywood became famous for different things, now people were fed up too. TiRP had already fallen. The obscenity tag was placed the same way, so if Karan made this decision, then he really deserves congratulations. There are few people who like to face the truth and accept it. Karan has done the work of the liver. Now just take inspiration from the Khalifa of Bollywood.

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