When Naxalism starts fighting to save Hindutva, then there will be an accident like ‘Acharya’ at the box office!

Just like politics, there is almost no need to explain how loud the noise of Hindutva is in cinema. He looks everywhere. Those who used to avoid even taking whose name now try very hard. But one problem is that when a producer-director runs blindly for commercial gain, driven by mere noise, he creates an accident as Acharya. There is also an accident “The Turning” in the name of Hindutva redemption, but whatever it is, at least “The Turning” is showing the land of him where he is in the gulf. Even this does not appear in Acharya’s account. It is a large-scale Telugu film. Posted a week ago.

For the success of Acharya, the creators had arranged all kinds of spices in it. There is also Hindutva, there is also a militia organization famous for the Left Movement, there is also action, action and love, etc. The biggest spice is that there is also a Telugu superstar father-son duo in the form of Chiranjeevi and Ramcharan. Despite this, the different types of spices did not work. The film turned out to be a box office disaster within a week. The importance of ideology in political movements and even a common audience who has some understanding will be impressed after hearing the story of the film.

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48 million rupees in 9 days, pressure from exhibitors to make up for the loss

Perhaps someone will cover their faces in shame at this form of leftist movement. You have no say in this. Hardly anyone has used such an experiment in Indian cinema. The great use of the fantasy of saving Hindutva from Naxalism was also for the South account. I’ll tell you the story. Know how the disaster has turned out before that. Released on April 29, the film has done business for just Rs 48.08 crore worldwide in 9 days. Telugu or southern box office watchers know how a film’s collection of stars like Ramcharan and Chiranjeevi would be perceived in Telugu film circles.

Exhibitors showing the film in theaters are so disappointed that they are seen crying in public. Acharya’s creators, including Chiranjeevi, demand compensation for the loss. Investors are launching on OTT ahead of time to make up for the loss caused by Acharya in theaters so that ‘Bhagte Bhoot ki nappy’ can be obtained from OTT. The film will stream on Amazon Prime Video on May 20.

Well, maybe this all happened because of history, let’s also know about it. Actually, this story by director Koratawa Siwa is shown with three characters in the center. The story deals with three towns. There is also a temple in one of these towns, which is worshiped in all three towns. However, the temple is in the possession of the mighty Basava (Sonu Sood). Basava makes arbitrariness with muscular force. He prevents people from coming to temples. In general, there is nothing in the temple except his testament. The villagers find this bad. Ramcharan is in the role of Siddha who is facing the tyranny of Basava. He says that he will not allow injustice to happen in place of religion.

The war of the comrades for the temple is seen in history

The situation becomes such that in the case of Basava and Siddha, Acharya has to come hang his leg. Acharya, that is, Chiranjeevi Kumar, is a Naxalite leader. Siddha also appears to have become a Baswa soldier. Pooja Hegde appears as Siddha’s love interest. In general, the story is this, according to the sincere wishes of the common people of three villages, in order to save Hindutva, Acharya and his comrade open a front against Basava. You can understand the conclusion. Acharya must have also destroyed Ramcharan’s RRR success intoxication.

The business of the movie is to clearly state why the audience would come to see this story for no reason. Spices are also useful when people have a bit of logic. Certainly, the position of the left movement is not surprising. All the Taliban in Afghanistan were Karra’s comrades some time ago. The Russian-Ukrainian war is also visible in the Christian world as a war between the Pope and the Supreme Leader of Russia. The tsar’s empire collapsed in Russia, not Christianity. Wherever Mao’s China goes to do business, the Confucius Center takes it. Also in Pakistan, he is optimistic about the future of the Confucius Center, despite the deep roots of Islam there.

The Telugu audience told the producers that Acharya’s story could take place in Russia, China, Pakistan, etc. But right now the left in India does not allow at least the fight for Hindutva. If the movie had become a hit, there was a chance that series would go up. Say thank you to the left audience.

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