Whether Brahmastra was a success or a failure, only Karan Johar can say it better, Kangana or no one else!

Is there any booking scam to make Brahmastra a success? In fact, there is so much confusion about the genuine word of mouth and its earnings figures against Brahmastra that what can be said. There’s also a booking scam angle to all the ongoing discussions about the movie. Kangana Ranaut has also made the same claim. He claimed in an Instagram story that some commercial analysts were manipulating box office numbers to make Brahmastra a hit. By the way, the trade experts who give the figures so far are also giving the estimates.

Even Taran Adarsh, who is known for giving movie business figures, shared the box office figures for Karan Johar’s movie after a long time and that is too rough. While Taran used to share the figures of the big movies before noon. It may be that after being trolled from a section of negative reviews, he did not think it better to get his hands on the figures. He too has to stay in the Mumbai film industry. In contrast, Dharma Productions, which produced Brahmastra, claimed on the first day that the film earned Rs 75 crore worldwide. After questions about day one earnings, Dharma was hesitant to share day two figures until the time the analysis was written. Why, I don’t know. Just as he shared the data for the first day, it could have been done for the second day as well.

Ranbir Kapoor in Brahmastra.

Well, the authoritative film trade website ‘Bollywood Hungama’ has also shared the approximate figure of two days. According to their report, the Hindi version of the film earned between 41.25 and 43.25 crores on the second day. The profit for two days is 79 million rupees. Since the film opened on Pan India, there have been only nominal earnings from South. In this also Telugu has the greatest contribution. Only a few lakhs were earned in Kannada and Tamil. There is a lot of confusion about the gains of Brahmastra. How much the film, made on a budget of over Rs 400 crore, actually managed to earn, at the moment only Karan Johar can give this information: Kangana Ranaut or no one else.

Should Brahmastra’s profit figures be considered false?

As far as the content of the film is concerned, most of the viewers who went to the theaters to see Brahmastra are seen to be very critical of the film. Share photos and videos from inside all theaters. He claims he’s reaching a very limited number of viewers, but the Brahmastra PR team overrepresents him. And the audience only comes in metropolitan areas like Mumbai and Delhi NCR. Brahmastra’s condition is worse in small towns. There are many tweets and reactions on social networks in which empty theaters can be seen during Brahmastra performances. It is natural that there is no lack of people who consider the profits and the pre-booking of the film released on more than eight thousand screens around the world.

Especially with regard to the overseas collections of the film. People are also seen presenting evidence. Now, how true are the statements that are presented in the pros and cons? It cannot be said that it is solid. But even if the filmmakers’ claim about the film’s scale is taken for granted, then Karan Johar and crew seem weak on the business front. Supposedly, a user posted an internal video of the showing of the film in a US cinema. This is very viral. The movie theater is almost empty. Only a couple of spectators are visible inside. It is stated through such videos that even abroad, the fake collection will not be able to save Karan Johar’s film. If shows are also emptying out in America, then it’s unknown what source the record overseas earnings numbers are coming from.

Early Booking Budget May Become Formula For Success Of Mumbai Manufacturers Now

Here, people who came out after watching the movie from some movie theaters in the country have also accused Brahmastra of booking scam. Criticizing content is different. Presenting evidence on social media, many people claimed that great reservations were said, but that the audience is not visible inside the theaters. The public has reserved the entrance of the film and is not reaching to see the film? It’s good for Bollywood that people put money in Karan Johar’s pocket without seeing the movie. By the way, there are some videos of this type in which a good number of viewers are seen inside and outside the theaters.

Some people also said that the filmmakers are trying to lure other audiences into theaters, through bogus advance booking figures and fees. It is no less amusing that, despite the marathon effort of stalwarts like Jr NTR and Rajamouli on the Andhra and Telangana circuits, the film grossed a few million rupees in Telugu. Less than Telugu’s Kartikeya 2 won in the Hindi belt.

Some wrote on social media that Karan Johar who spent Rs 410 crore should have kept a budget reserve of at least Rs 50 crore also for advance booking of tickets. Tickets for the first two days would have been distributed free of charge. People will go to the movie theater after seeing the earnings figures. There is no lack of people advising Bollywood to sell movies with this formula. They are saying that if the film is based on earnings figures, then producers who make films at Rs 400 crore should keep a reserve budget of Rs 100 crore for tickets. What could be a better success formula than this? In this way, even substandard content can be sold. Why be afraid of boycott?

Brahmastra is directed by Ayan Mukerji. Ranbir Kapoor is paired with Alia Bhatt in the film. Apart from both of them, Amitabh Bachchan, Nagarjuna, Dimple Kapadia, Mouni Roy have major roles. Shahrukh Khan also made a cameo appearance.

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