Whether Shahrukh becomes a ‘jawan’ or a farmer, there is a danger of a boycott!

In the age of the #BoycottBollywood hashtag, when filmmakers and actors who have been burned by ‘milk’ are drinking buttermilk, rarely does anyone muster the courage to take the risk. Shahrukh Khan has taken this risk. The first collaboration of the great South Indian filmmaker Atlee and SRK has given fans hope. Jawan movie teaser has been released by surprise. Right now there is time for Shahrukh’s next movie, ‘Pathan’ to arrive. Jawan’s teaser is strong. The creators have made an attempt to create suspense about Shahrukh’s appearance. It can be easily guessed from the looks that in his movie Jawan, Shahrukh is in the role of an agent who has a mission. Shahrukh is injured in the teaser. His entire face, head and hands are bandaged. The way the gadgets are shown at the beginning of the teasers, apart from guns and knives, it’s clear that Atlee has tried to create an atmosphere and served the ‘South Factor’ fiercely in it. The film will be released on June 2, 2023.

Shahrukh Khan with a dazzling look in the teaser of his movie Jawan

Jawan’s teaser has been shared by Red Chillies and it is written that when Shahrukh and Atlee get together, you are surprised. Get ready for action entertainer Jawan. It will be released in theaters in Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam and Kannada on June 2, 2023.

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Regardless of the information that has surfaced about Shahrukh’s upcoming movie Jawan, if it is to be believed, Shahrukh is found to have a dual role in this movie. Sanya Malhotra’s role in the film is important. At the same time, the superstar of the South, Nayantara, also participated in the film. In the film, Nayantara will be seen taking action in the role of an investigating officer.

There is still time for Pathan to launch. In such a situation, the fact that Shahrukh releases the Jawan teaser and plays the role of ‘Jawan’ in this movie shows somewhere that Shahrukh is not willing to change the image of him. The question would be how? So for the answer we must turn to Pathan from SRK. According to the news, Shahrukh has also been shown to be associated with the Defense Forces in Pathan. That is, now Shahrukh’s effort is to be remembered for the nationalist image of him, not as a lover boy or say any lover.

Now the question is is it the answer or the pathan, will Shahrukh get any special benefit from this? The answer is no, even if these movies (Pathan and Jawan) are liked by SRK fans and taken by hand. But when we consider the massive scale and talk about it, it turns out that after the death of actor Sushant Singh Rajput, fans call Bollywood completely empty.

Fans believe about Bollywood that this is such a place. Where behind the bright white curtain is the black world, which is very vicious. And the extent of his misdeeds cannot be expressed in words. The subject is very simple. Whether it is Shahrukh or any other boycott Bollywood, whether it is a young man or a farmer, God has the attitude of the fans on Bollywood.

However, if Shahrukh is mentioned, even though Shahrukh is trying to win the hearts of fans with his nationalist image, we must not forget that he was very furious after the Aryan Khan drug case. Even though the court has given Aryan a go-ahead in the drug case, fans are still unconvinced that proper justice has been served in the case. Apart from this, be it nepotism or exploitation of artists moving into the industry from small towns, there are many things that fans are boycotting Bollywood for.

Shahrukh must do his best to make his image nationalist, but once he has to turn to Kangana, who has suffered the wrath of fans despite having a nationalist image. However, now that SRK has already released the teaser for their upcoming movie Jawan, it will be interesting to see who will be the winner. The fan’s attitude towards Bollywood or the nationalistic image of Shahrukh Khan as an actor.

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